June 09, 2008

My jakarta' s trip

I am EXTREMELY happy!!


* tears of Joy!! T_T

Rina's wedding went well ( will update the details when i get the pic ) .. and super memorable!!

Thank you for the time and moment rin!!!

I keep laughing from moment to moment and i never know meeting friends and family can bring out my laughter..and..

quoted from will's sms " wut make u hinders ur laugh sist? " ( what he meant is when i'm in sg )
then i start to think about it..i actually found few points..some point like:

1. I can express the real me when i'm with my friends..which reminds me i dun really have a lot of friends here!!

2. I almost forget how it feel to be surrounded by people who accept you for the way you are

3. For the last one year i actually feel numb from the things so called " warm friendship " and i sadly realise it..

4. Feeling's do change

5. Fakeness killing me..and myself

6. Simple hug can really make u strong.

There are actually more..but..i dun think i'm ready to write about it!


  1. Hi dear..

    Yep, i felt exactly the same way.. I had a blast spending time with you and the other girls. I also come to my realization that day, that having lotsa friends around you doesnt necessarily brings out the real you. And yeah, the hug does brings out a little something outta you.. hehehe..

    Looking forward to seeing you again when you come home or when me go thereee ....!!!


  2. yeah viee..it's really bring something out of me!!

    symptoms-symptoms berbahaya ya bu??

    haahaha..i really enjoyed our day viee..

    C you soon!


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