June 27, 2008

I am lucky!!

My mom called me, and scolded me for nothing..as always..

it means..

~ Thank's God..i still have mom..that care a lot for me

Smoke..smoke..and smoke..+ great food in the house

it means..

~ Ah, my dad is smoking and cooking a good food for me..Thanks for that pap!

My weight scale, 2 bar to the right..

it means..

~ Great..i ate a lot food!! thank You for the blessing..

My House furniture looks dull..

it means..

~ Uhmm..nice, i still have a house and the furniture..

I fight with Arief

it means..

~ My life is so colorful..i have boyfriend!! ^_^

My Auntie bugging me about my future plan

it means..

~ They love me so much, ever since i'm the only niece that they have and i'm always be the love of their heart. i feel loved..

My Grandpa keep asking my mom to bring me back to Indo,

it means..

~ He misses me..ahh..so sweet kong'

My Uncle keep asking me whether i have enough money or food

It means..

~ He worried about me..Thanks for the platinum card ^_^

Tzunsisters always distract my attention in the office

it means..

~ I'm no longer the only child..surprise..surprise..i have sisters..

I pay a lot for my phone bill

it means..

~ I have friend that contact me regularly..Awesome!

Ohh man, i never know i'm so lucky..i feel stupid becoz i never count my blessing..i feel so loved and i need the love..Thank's All.



I plan everything, and sometimes it turn the way i dun want it to be..

it means..

~ God plan something big for me..i just need to believe it.. and wait for His time.

1 comment :

  1. elrica!!
    my best friend yang bersua hny lwt MSN doank!!!
    miss you so much, el!!

    entah knp ya, kok blog kt sama ya????
    luthu aja ya,el...
    ga janjian tau2 isi blog kita almost similar bow!!!

    mengucap sukur selalu ya, el!!!


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