April 25, 2007


This morning I went for a job interview, after da interview i had my brunch with mario and after saying gudbye i took number 15 bus to eunos MRT. When i was about to walk to the MRT station from da nearest bus stop...(oh, forget to tell u da situation..it was raining..a heavy one!) so i cover my head using my plastic folder and start to walk,while waiting for the traffic light there's a lady in navy blue t-shirt and blue umbrella stand besides me..she *puk-puk my shoulder and asked me to join her under her big umbrella!! -ohh..i feel so touched, why?? becoz..it was so sweet, i can never imagine there's a people out there who still have that kindness..(especially these day in Singapore, where they are too busy to learn to share and everybody here are so egocentric) =(

anyway, her name is sharon..she's about to start her own retail shop @ arab street, there's a place called Haji lane..but it will be open in june (humm...ya i think june), so..we say goodbye as we reached the MRT station..and she gave me her blog address. Soon after i get her reply for permission to put in my link, i will post it in "ma friends link"..u can check it out.

thanx sharon!

April 18, 2007

Back in the old days

This picture is taken back in 2005 @ the valley, Bandung (West java)...we just sat in cafe and had dinner..it was so relaxing, we just talk about crap and wut we're gonna do in the future..i will put sum pics here..just check it out, it was so special for me..becoz now..we're all sperated in different places..

me-with short hair, singapore

Arip-with his long hair, Singapore

Bije- still with the same hair style, Beijing

Adin-same hair style, Jakarta

Left: Abraham a.k.a T-conk, same hair style, UAE

Right: Afilia, i dunno her hair style now, Bandung

Maybe you might wondering " humm..why el put hair style in every comment of her pics?"

i dont have any particular reasons, i just like to comment it since i saw my pic with my short hair..hehehehe..

*miss u guys*

Sumtimes u just never realise how fast time goes by ^_^

April 11, 2007

by request..

This post is dedicated to Arief..
* He asked me to put his pic ( a nice one) and want me to publish it in my lovely blog.

Since i've put his and our pic here..i will share how unique our relationship can be..it started when we were junior high school ( 1997)..we dated each other for 2 years, 9 month and 2 days. then we broke up...why? becoz..sumbody said to me that he had sum1 else in New zealand ( ups..haven't mentioned that we had a long distance relationship), so i just believed in that person and broke him up!!uhmm if i think it over again..i think it was my mistake, being to naive and too easy to listen to someone's else! i shud re-check it again.

Then years goes by, He dated with sum1 else and either do i...oh, i even keep contact with his ex ( u know who u are..hehehhehe)..and 8 years later..which is now..we're together again!!

from my side, i found that sumting about him attract me more and more..hahahha...i will stop it here! hahahahaha..

This da pic:

It's him with his cousin

with me

April 10, 2007

miss miss miss u bitch!

Look @ her...
I miss her so much..i remember when my aunt bought her home, it was 11 years ago..she still a little bitch that really cute and cried every nite!
I always like the moment when she came to my room and scratched my door just to woke me up..
Wish cud bring her here!

Are u two sister??

This is the most question that i heard from people whenever i hang out with Candy a.ka C_to_Do

for me, i dun see any similarity with her..i bet she will think the same, rite can?
me: chubby.........................candy:skinny
but, most of the time..no matter where we are going..Gym center, Singapore, Ballet class, etc..everybody will ask the same Q
I post sum of our pic, and u can tell..how different we are.


Here are the other pic:

Me, Up: vina, down: wenny, Candy


Wut do you think????

Are we still look like sister?

April 08, 2007

Friends to hang out with..

Ok, i've been staying in Singapore for 3 months ( if i count it from my previous arrival)..and u guys might be wondering who am i hang out with and now i will introduce them to you..

Let me think..humm..the first 2 person that i met was on somebody's potluck..and we were invited through 3 differents friends..i can't really remember it..anyway..here they are:

-Yang-da man!!

He is very outgoing and very socialable, but very bad in showing directions!never ever trust him when he start to say " Don't worry, trust me.. i know the way!!!" never ever trust him eventough he looks so convincing!


I like her, that's why i still hang out with her..we're just click with each other since the first time we met..she's very lady like and she want to make a very luxurious hotel (lobby-red) with her $2 million .^_^

Arief a.k.a Arf (that's how Yang call him)

Can't say too much..he is my boyfriend!

So, 4 of us usually meet during weekend, have dinner together and chilled out sumwhere else where Tin2 always looks so tired and always wanna go home but Yang keep insisting her to join us! hahahha...

Padang food

Last week, i finally found Indonesian padang restaurant that really taste like padang food, u know wut i mean?? sumtimes, u just miss the original taste of padang food, that rarely found in here (sg-red)..here are the pics..

If u guys interested in trying this, u can go to garuda restaurant @ vivocity or the one near orchard..it's worth to try..trust me!!

Yummie..Mr. Brenner..^_^

Last nite me and arief (my boyfriend) went to esplanade...at first we wanna watch the performance at Esplanade bay stage, but the show wasn't so good (it's a rock music concert..big no no for me..^_^) so, we decided to go sumwhere else...and we ended up at the little cafe with Mr. bold man selling da chocolate..it's Brenner cafe a.k.a chocolate cafe..huhuhu...

Suckao white chocolate


so, u just pour da milk into this hot little pot and put those little tiny chocolate beads and let it melt in da milk then in ur mouth...ahhh...


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