November 08, 2017

Beauty Post - Chosungah 22

After spending more than 8 years in Singapore, I feel like I'm being pampered to the max in terms of convenience, technology, transport and of course shopping options. It keep up with new launches pretty fast and for me as beauty addict - it means getting access to new brand in pretty quick waiting time. Unfortunately for me now - and "thank God" for my husband, I don't have access to all shopping heaven here in New Zealand. Zara and H&M just launched a year or so ago, No Sephora in town, I repeat - NO sephora in town! lover, can you imagine not going to Sephora for 2 years? It's drying you out, aye? 

But thank goodness, God bless you - Mecca Maxima - it's now open in Queen street :D
I finally have access to my world, the world of beauty and all shades of everything you can slap on the face. LOL!

I picked this C&T Blend fresh mix by Chosungah 22. The makeup artist from Korea finally making this line and giving us a chance to have the dewy korean look that I've been ooohhh and aaahhhh-ing whenever I watch K-drama.

First impression:
Oh shit, they only have 4 colours - after a test and trial, my skin tone is on their Ivory shade. phiuff, good to know that I have matching shade, because you don't want to look ermm, weird, with different skin tone between the face and your neck, right?

The packaging is flawless. Compact and quite edgy with chrome looking all over.

The pump is quite ergonomic I would say. It's right where your thumb is when you tilt the bottle upside down to get the product out. Although it claim to be use directly from the bottle to the face, I find it turn out quite patchy on my face. So I prefer to use my BB cushion sponge or brush as applicator.

I will create makeup tutorial using this product but I personally think this product is awesome for my dry skin with Auckland spring dry climate as of now.  It could be too moist for oily skin and definitely not humid climate friendly. I'm going to test this in summer when the humidity tends to be more humid than now. 

I love the coverage on this C&T Blend fresh mix. You can build them up of wear it light in just one layer. Will prepare my makeup tutorial soon, stay tuned!

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