May 22, 2018

Baby no. 2 is on the way

I've been wanting to share the news!
We are expecting baby no. 2 and currently feeling so over the moon. The 2nd journey is pretty long and hard I would say, we tried for the last 1.5 years and it didn't happen until now. We are feeling blessed and would like to cherish this moment as family ☺️.

Perasaan waktu sama Ethan, pregnancy nya pretty smooth and enjoyable banget - beda banget sama yang kedua ini. The first 14 weeks, alamakjang maboknya ga keruan! Makan salah, ga makan lebih salah Thank goodness, sekarang di week yang ke 21 uda mulai bisa makan normal ama aktifitas normal lagi.

Doain ya, semoga everything goes smoothly and kami sehat sehat selalu. Amin


Wut do you think?


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