November 05, 2017

Auckland Life - Halloween Trick or Treat

It's our first Halloween Trick or Treat things ever!
We are not a big fan of celebrating Halloween and it's not really a big thing in New Zealand anyway, but this year, my work place created one big trick or treat event for kids in the office! 130 kids showed up with amazing costumes and the CEO dressed up as Avengers! I kinda get why this is a big thing in US or any other countries that celebrated this event..bukan soal celebrating the dead buat gw, tapi ngeliat anak anak seru ngumpulin permennya itu loh, kayak..whoaaaa...candies!!!

I didn't dressed up as anything, just simply plain black dress and was planning to wear no makeup so it's Halloween enough, lol! I changed my mind. Anyhoo..after the fun stuff at the office, we decided to tag along our friend to do Trick or treat in the neighborhood - boy, it was fun!

These 3 little kiddos knocked almost all neighbourhood door to get some treats :)
Plenty generous people around and seeing all these little bundles so excited to knock every doors does bring one new experience for us.

The house decorations are simple, more to like spider web and some pumpkin stuff in front of the house, unlike some fancy stuff in the Christmas. Nevertheless, the fun is still there.

The weather that day was amazing!
Tapi makin malem anginnya makin kenceng dong, dan gw ga bawa jaket euy. Alhasil, besoknya minum aer jahe en panadol. Sekian our first Halloween di Auckland.

..and Ethan said " Next year let's collect more lollies, Mommy "

Yok dah tong.

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  1. wah paneennn hahahah Trus lo kasih dia makan satu2 per hari gitu apa gmn El? Hahaha


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