October 30, 2017

Auckland Life - Cockles Picking

Another fun thing to do in Auckland is cockles picking!

Growing up in Indonesia where pretty much nothing is free, cockles picking is something that is very exciting for me to do. We can take up to 50 cockles per person and it's that fresh that you have to pick it from the sea, yourself. It's awesome, isn't?

..and we often got few like this..


If you are interested, check the low tide schedule HERE.
Get your gumboot, gloves and jacket ready. The wind can be pretty strong sometimes, so make sure you dress comfortably for the weather. We always go to Okoromai Beach during low tide to hunt for the best cockles, by best we mean a big solid cockles, and we often throw the baby cockles out of our bucket.


Si entong paling hobby "nemuin" kerang yang uda kita korek di mud nya trus kita tarok di surface sambil bilang " do you see any cockles to pick? " ntar dia yang excited bilang " I found it!!! " x beratus ratus kali selama 2 jam..hahahaha.

Fun thing to do buat family deh yang ginian, tentunya..mak nya juga seneng dapet kerang trus langsung masuk panci :)

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"Till next time!


  1. Ethan the cockle hunter! Go Ethan Go Ethan!!

  2. aahh serunya, banyak banget berarti ya el. Kalo di sini udah pasti dibisnisin dan gue rasa bakal adaaaa aja yang serakah ambil buanyaakk macem mau didagangin lagi --"


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