October 08, 2017

Happy Birthday My World

My little Ethan is 4 today!
Although I am not as emotional as when he turned 1, I still feel surreal!
4 years ago, he came into our life and turned our days upside down, and in a blink of eyes, he has grown so much into this fine little boy that becomes the center of our joy.

Mommy pray for you to grow healthy, bigger, better and full of joy. Continue be that boy with kind heart and strong emphatic to others, always give to people even when we are in need, always be blessing where ever you go and I pray for you to always shine in what ever you do.

We love you so much.


  1. Happy birthday, Ethan. Keliatan guede dan genter, El. Cakep.

  2. Happy Birthday lagi, Ethan! Tambah gede, tambah pinter ya.

    El, pas liat di FB, gue kira kuenya itu nasi kuning loh! Soalnya sebelahnya ada krupuk dan warna kuenya kuning2, plus gue kira ijonya itu selada. Kayaknya gue yang pengen makan nasi kuning huahahaha.

    1. Yuk bikin nasi kuning bareng, auntie!
      Thanks for the wishes :)

  3. Itu cake pake milo bubuk? Ato efek kebanyakan minum iced milo di SG ya gue hahahahaha. Happy birthday Ethan, grow up healthily and happily!

    1. Gw pake biscuit gw ancurin gitu ampe remuk trus gw tempel tempel di cake :)

      Gw sungguh ga mahir dah bikin ginian


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