June 19, 2017

Gaston Luga: Stylish Swedish Designed Lifestyle Backpacks

This backpack is truly the outcome of good marriage between style and quality.

When this brand come around in my radar, I picked Praper model in Olive & Black.
This model particularly dominant, come with simplistic and elegant design that will look good in any situation. Be it your Monday-friday daily activities or weekend vibes with friends.

The stylish and durable combination caught my interest in the first place! and because of this perfect combination, Gaston Luga backpack made it through to my daily essentials! Having fashion retail background in my pocket, I become selective on certain stuff. My partner said I'm picky, maybe it's true - but hey, I guess everyone have different style and preference, right? As for me, I like something that come with good design vibe, stylish and non-mainstream. Gaston Luga backpack fit all the boxes and that's why I'm loving it.

I'm so amazed on how Gaston Luga understand what nowadays customer wants from backpacks design, which is something elegant with simple and functional details and definitely not heavy padded shoulder strip that reminds us for first day of the school. You know what I mean. :)

Gaston Luga Backpack comes with few key features that worth mentioning!
The strong hooks will keep valuables secure when just in case (u know) we are running for next train or flight (this will be me)and the adjustable metal hook with four levels to suit my travel requirements because yep, I am that kind of traveler that have jackets, books, phone, laptop, etc etc inside my traveling bag.

Gaston Luga backpack also equipped with passport & ticket pocket and metallic feet.

Like seriously, what not to love from highly durable canvas material that comes with 13" laptop sleeve, passport & ticket locket, adjustable shoulder straps and affordable price tag!!

But but but..the best of all is the DISCOUNT CODE! Woohoooo!!
Quoteeldiona15 " in their website when you are making purchase. With this awesome discount code you will instantly get 15% off, free shipping and 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country). How awesome is this!

If you'd like to purchase the same like mine, go to GASTON LUGA website and enjoy the discount code.

Disclaimer: Product received for review purpose and I receive no monetary compensation from the brand. Opinion and images stated in this blog is purely mine.


  1. Akkkkh! Pamer tas ini lagi. Benci akuuuu. Pengen aaaakh!

    1. Use the discount code!! It's so worth it!!


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