February 16, 2015

[Workshop Event] Star Tokyo Optical x Ettusais: Girls who wear glasses!

Holla guys..last 2 Saturday, i went to Star Tokyo Optical x Ettusais : Girl who wear glasses workshop. I am not wearing glasses, but I would like to know about the make up technique behind it and in the same time, to check out this open space and minimalistic optical shop at Citylink. I love the concept where people could just easily browse on the glasses and try it on the spot.

And also, it's so good to be back to event! It's so good to meet fellow beauty blogger friends too, it's been a while. Thanks to le hubby to take care lil Ethan.

The have generous choice of glasses, and I had fun trying some of them.
Ranging from a normal reading glasses to a funky " look at me! " style to choose from :)

Which of these suits me best?

The event started by simple opening from Rhys to explain a little about the shop concept and about the collaboration with Ettusais.

the make up tips is very useful, not only for girls who wear glasses..but also for us in everyday look. But to see how Tokyo Star Optical and Ettusais team pair up the look with the glasses are something new and interesting to me.

Simple soft color on the eyeshadow and the right MASCARA could bring the eyes behind glasses goes " Pop " even more. Pair it up with a soft pink or light coral on blush and the beautiful creamy lipstick to finish the look.

Another fun thing to learn on that day workshop was pairing up a glasses with your make up look!
Star Tokyo Optical team demonstrating on how to pair up the day make up look and the night make up look, that definitely brought the whole look to another level!

As  beauty blogger, Ettusais is not something new to me. I have been a fans for quite sometimes :)
Ettusais collection is definitely one pretty stuff to try and play with for this Valentines day. It's soft in color, but strong in pigmentation, and definitely beautiful on skin.

I like their creamy lipstick I received in their door gift. It glides smoothly on my lips with the right shine, and definitely a beautiful light coral to brighten my look.

Do you think it suits me well?

Anyway, have a great Chinese New Year week ahead peeps!
Keep positive!

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