February 21, 2015

[Beauty Review] Clio Eyeliner

Having me to declare myself as beauty addict and eyeliner lover, means I tried tons of brand and types of eyeliner in the market. And what I am about to share with you today is CLIO eyeliner that just turned me as their follower. Like seriously, this is literally " a must try " if you are looking for the eyeliner that doesn't smudge an inch from your eyes.

As a make up artist, this is something that I am looking for to make sure my client looking pretty without a raccoon eyes even after 8 hours of makeup. Clio, which is a Korean brand known for it's awesome colorful eyeliner when they first launched in Singapore, and now they just bring the game to the higher level. This is the Generation new of Clio eyeliner.

Be it Pen, Pencil or Brush liner are your facourite, CLIO has it all and keep reading if you wanna know what I feel about this, and which one is my favourite type of all time. And oh, for not a black liner lover, this beautiful range comes in brown as well. Perfecto.

From Pencil to Brush, like I said - We tend to get used to one type of eyeliner to master, right?
Or should I say, one type that work best with our hands and look neat on our eyes.

Personally, I prefer pencil and brush eyeliner to finish my makeup look.
Pencil is because it's easier to control and pretty much easier to master with a practice. A to brush liner to me, will create a solid and stronger look on the eyes..and I kinda like the glossy finishing look with it.

I am using the black brush liner on the photo below, and I love how eyeliner instantly brighten up my eyes :)

And in this photo, I am using Brown Pen Liner that equally gorgeous to the eyes.
Definitely for non black liner lovers. As for me, I prefer the black one - the stronger the better.
The Pencil liner is my favourite too! Easily glide and OMG, the color stays even on the waterline. 
This really perfect for humid Singapore weather that we know, pretty capable to ruin this part, yes?
If you were to choose any of the eye look below, which of these would you prefer?
The Brush, The Pen or The Pencil liner?

 photo signature-lips.png


  1. Waaah ini eyeliner favorit aku ci! Hehehe aku pake yg kill black liquid pen eyeliner, it stays on like nobody's business lol


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