December 20, 2014

[Beauty Review] Salon styling for lashes!

First time hearing that? Me too!
Because it is for the very first time our lashes could join the styling department with Salon de Cara.

When I received this items, i must say that I beyond excited to try out this brand. I know that Clio eyeliner is one of my favourite, but I am quite picky about a good mascara. Do you wanna know what I think about this brand? Read up!

The first mascara that I tried is 001 Hair Roll Cara

Honestly, this one is slightly heavy to my lashes. Slightly clump together..but it gives the most WOW factor on my lashes. It's thicken, and darken my lashes by almost kidding!

The second one is 002 Roll Brush Cara

I love how the brush work on separating my lashes without clumps and how it gives the volume on my almost none lashes. I always love Maybelline mascara, but now I think this one goes to my favourite bucket as well.

The third one and definitely my favourite!
003 Finger Cara

Super like this one!

somehow it has the fiber inside the wand that makes my lashes goes longer and first i thought it was my lashes dropped in the want, but when i keep loking at's not my lashes, instead it's the additional secret in this favourite tube to give some extension on lashes.

Pure genius!

All in all, I would say I love this newly found Mascara, it just somehow made for asian eyes, and it works. Especially if you damn short lashes like mine, this wand gives you hope :)
Although it's not a magic..but it does appear like one :)

This is my lashes look like on this 3:

If you are not sure which one to pick, follow the guideline below here, and I hope you enjoy the fun of playing with mascara. 

Retailing at $24.90 at selected Watson stores.

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  1. walo di iklan brush mascaranya warna warni teteup aja jadinya item hehehe, wahhh iklannya sandara yaaa cute banget :) nice review
    @freddy_friday blog

  2. Thin and boring lashes? Droopy lashes? Sparse and short lashes? I'm all that! I don't know which one I should go for.. (please don't say all :p)

  3. Aku malah takut mascara ce, takut rontok dan masa pakainya cuman 3bulan, ahahahaa
    pekejingnya kiyutt always mah kalo Korea :P

    Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D



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