December 17, 2014

[Beauty Review] Kiehl's Vetiver & Black Tea range

December is definitely my favourite month, and what makes it even wonderful is the new scent that recently launch at Kiehl's. I personally think this is a very good gift for Christmas present for mom, sister or even for yourself. We need to give extra present for ourselves in the month of December, yes? Haha..why? Because it's the 12th month of the year and we've been through the wonderful year up to the end! 

So, let's indulge a little more on this wonderful collection!
From left to right: The body cleanser ($33), The Eau de Toilette natural spray ($45), and the Skin softening body lotion ($43). I was always a fans of Kiehl's bath and body collection, and this one just join the club! 

Expect a combination of citrus, vetiver and black tea as the outcome. It is light, refreshing, and yet linger in a beautiful scent behind. Like any other Kiehl's cleanser, it is gentle to skin and this even works on my eczema skin. The Moisturizer, SUPERB! Even if you are the " on the go " type - this moisturizer definitely fit to your busy schedule.

Call me perfume/eau de toilette addict. I can't seems to have enough perfume to join my collection.
My mum used to gave me all the travelling size of cute little perfume bottle when i was little, and everytime she came back from overseas trip - she will gave it to me as a present. I grow up with that memories in me, and it makes me the perfume collector i am today :)

And this Christmas, Kiehl's collaborate with artist Craig & Karl to design this sassy box as a gift box!
I was at Kiehl's store at Centrepoint to do personalized my box. There are many pre-packed gift box that you can just pick, pay and go! Otherwise, just fill it in with your favorite items and pack it in.

Isn't make such a beautiful and vibrant gift?

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