April 16, 2014

Bubble Perm from Salon De Choix

I got myself a Bubble Perm!
Yes, it's a new technology called Bubble Perm.

Before you start reading on the process, i just want to let you know that this is my favourite hair perm EVER! You will know why soon enough..:)

As I mentioned in the previous Salon De Choic post, I don't like straight hair.
I found with straight cut, my hair are most of the time in damp condition - unless I am just out from Salon De Choix for some fresh cut. Apart from that, I blame Singapore humidity and my hair texture for the constant bad hair day.

That is why, just before I flew to Japan..I requested Sharon Wu - The founder & director of Salon De Choix to pimp my hair up. She agreed, and gave me the most lovely perm i ever have in my hair perming journey.

This is my before hair, not too bad but not my favourite.

After I had a quick and light wash up, the team were getting ready to bubble perm my hair.

The glam team decided to give my hair an extra "oomph " by creating a slightly higher curl than the normal one.

Apologise for the tired looking face, eye bag, and pale face.
It was one hell of a week to rush for work, bringing lil love to Jakarta to be with his grandparents, flew in to Singapore the next day, carrying luggage to the Salon, and off to Tokyo in the same night.

and oh, I think i keep sharing this in my blog..but i am going to share it everytime I had this treatment! This kerastase treatment is a MUST! whether your hair is permed, coloured or not. Please, i beg you in the name of beauty, try this one out and have it convert you to their followers.

This treatment is amazing! It makes my tangled hair smooth and just oh so soft and bouncy to touch.
Love it!

Another treat I received from Salon De Choix is this Moroccan Oil!
Another item on my wish list! and why is it on my wish list? because it's ALWAYS sold out in the salon, even when i want to purchase one for my own sake.

This is my " after " permed hair :)
It's still looking healthy.

..and to style up..Salon De Choix team use Moroccan goodness on my hair.

And this is how it look like!

No mo ahjumma curl, no more messy curl!
Please welcome my bubble perm :)

* I am super happy!!!!*

Front view :

and what is the best thing about this perm is, you don't have to wait 3x 24 hours like the normal curl to wash your hair. Because of the new technology, you can wash your hair even in the next day!
How awesome? and not to forget Bubble Perm from Salon De Choix is easy to style..

Do quote " Elrica - Pinkbuble "
to enjoy 15% off for full service there.

Salon De Choix
3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1
Singapore, Singapore s239519
 6836 2959

They currently have this promotion called Collagen perm
Do ask them more about this :)

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