April 25, 2014

Japanese make up tutorial with Tokyo Luxey..

Hallo, sorry for my late posting!
I just got back from Tokyo and Hakone - and I must say I AM IN LOVE WITH JAPAN!
Everything there is just simply lovely. The people are VERY ( i mean VERY VERY) nice and polite, helpful, very welcoming and considerate.Although I don't speak Japanese except for Sumimasen, Arigato, Gomenasai, and Daijobudes, I still survive my one week in Japan.
I definitely will go back to Japan!


Anyway, here I am back with Japanese make up tutorial with a PURE Japanese make up sponsored by TOKYO LUXEY. Before I start, I want to invite all the beauty enthusiast to join Tokyo Luxey as their Luxey like I am.

Sometimes ago, i met with the founder and I am so grateful with my beauty blogging journey that leads me to who I am today.

As a luxey, I got too many privilege..let's name a few like..
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Special invitations to Japan will be offered to individuals who are recognized for remarkable involvement or results as a LUXEY - Going to Japan, ok??? How awesome is that?

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Join me and other beauty trendsetter in Tokyo Luxey community.

Now, the tutorial!
You've seen me with quite a lot of tutorial, but this time I am creating a Japanese make up tutorial.
Don't close my blog just yet, But if you are thinking about Gyaru make up - then ok..just close my blog. :)
Apparently, Japanese make up is way more than just a gyaru or lolita make up. If you are just a normal lady like I am and looking for a clear and nice complexion with a touch of nice eye make up that emphasize your soul - read up!

That is Japanese make up.
Putting the quality in the brand you are using and enhance the beauty in you, is what creates a Japanese make up quite a trend these days.

This is me below :)
Before and after.
Using 24H Japanese make up collection available at Tokyo Luxey.

I am still looking like me but a better version of me.
I prep my face using the foundation stick by 24H cosmetics so i don't have to worry of having too long make up on my face. It's gentle on skin.

Creates the butterfly drawing using this stick.
 ..and simply blends it with my warm finger.

Next, is the concealer

This 24H brand concealer is pretty smooth and easy to blend, but it's just too bad that the coverage is sheer to medium.

Tips: apply the under eye concealer in inverted triangle shape under the eye to brighten the area.

I found, Japanese make up tend to have a full and compact coverage on the face - and if it's not a smokey eyes - they will go entirely light on the eyes.

And to create that full coverage effect, I apply the powder foundation by 24H.
Do bear in mind, that double up stick foundation and powder foundation might not look good on everyone. Yes, it will cover up most of the blemishes but if you don't get the colour right for your skin tone - good luck in fixing it.

So, if you wish to re-create my look, make sure you pick the right colour. 
Otherwise, stick to one type of foundation to do the job.

24H powder foundation is not bad in doing the covering job, I just wish that the finishing effect could be smoother.

Take a small amount of the powder to the available pad.

Dab it in the rolling motion all over your face.

This is how it look, fresh after the application - I would say I don't like the powdery effect look at first. But when my skin oxidase and the texture is fully absorb - that's where the hidden magic happened.

Next, the blush..
I guess this one need no introduction..

Only that, you need to know that 24H blush is really pigmented and I am loving the coral color on my skin.

It comes with the applicator. Fuzz free.

I will skip the part that you need to shape the eyebrow on this tutorial, but remember to do it, yea?

Next, the eyeliner!
This is a must for Japanese make up (and in my case, for all make up) - when i was in Tokyo..I was shocked to see the 1 whole wall full of eyeliner, from the pencil, liquid, cream type , be it waterproof, smudge proof, 24Hours stay, tears proof and whatsoever! I feel like bringing the whole wall back to home. One can't have too much eyeliner anyway. ^^

This time, I use K-palette eyeliner..(not from Tokyo Luxey though).

If I can only pick 1 liquid liner to go with me, I definitely take K-palette with me.
I most of the time, feel hesitate to use liquid because I found it troublesome and harder to control than pencil eyeliner, but this K-palette proof me wrong.

I am loving it.

Tips: How to get a smooth looking eyeliner using liquid.
 If you are not an expert in drawing a line, maybe connecting the dot might make some sense.
Same rules apply in drawing a smooth eyeliner.

See the pic below:

Step one: Instead of just happily draw the shape you wish to have, start a little stroke of line and work from there..make sure you open your eyes and look at the mirror straight. From there, you can gauge the thickness of your eyeliner.

To complete the eyelook, I am using Charee lashes!
Never heard about this brand before? Of course! because this wonderful and super comfortable lashes is just about to launch, and the owner Ms. Vivian is a kind, gorgeous and talented lady gave me a bunch of her full collection to try on!

Awesome to the max!

You will see more of Charee lashes in my blog! and stay tuned for the giveaway too!!!

See how gorgeous is the lashes? and trust me as professional make up artist opinion, eyelash could make the whole look different!

Lastly, I use this lovely shinny powder to highlight the inner corner of my eyes and along the line under my lower liner. It gives you an instant eye glow.

Like this:

To finally complete the whole look, I use 24H lipstick that is really nice to create a sheer glow on your lippy. Not so much on the pigmented side, but i love the moisturizer content in the lipstick.
and..done! This is the final look of My Japanese make up version.
Do you like it? or should I do the typical Japanese make up with lower lashes too?

 photo signature-lips.png


  1. Hi Elrica, I just returned from Japan too. Everything there was great except that my facial skin became really dry because of the weather. I use SK-II stempower as my moisturizer and that was the only thing that I brought to Japan. Applying more than my regular amount did not really help. Any tips which moisturizer I should bring next time I go somewhere with similar climate?

    1. For me, SK-II doesn't work on cold weather as well.
      For my Japan trip, I brought Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic hydration serum and moisturizer..and that do the job really well!

      I think it's worth the stock up when u often travel to cold country :)

  2. gorgeous pol cece! nice to see u back. Love ur tutorial so much.. Ce, katanya cece punya monolid, tapi crease nya cece dalam banget dan make up matanya aje gile cantik. Apa rahasianya ce?

    1. Mata aku aneh Han, super monolid..tapi kali uda pake soflens en bulumata..tiba tiba bisa jreeeng berlipet sendiri gitu..jadi rada nolong deh kalo make up ^^


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