December 27, 2011

Bifesta make up remover ^^

Let me share one more " must have " beauty thingy for your face regime!

This is awesome! 
I know some of you might have read this product review in other blog, but here I will repeat the same thing again..this product is great. *love love*

read out about why this  awesome make up remover are famous in Japan:

Bifesta is a well-known makeup remover brand from Japan. This product range is well loved by the working office ladies in Japan. 

Do you hate having to cleanse your face again and again and then having to do a final wash off while removing makeup? 

~Bifesta’s non rinse off make up remover solves this problem!~

You can just use the remover and gently yet effectively take off your heavy make-up. 
Of course, understanding there are many different kind of skin types Mandom has come up with four different kind of cleansing lotion to suit everyone!

Yeah I know, I'm not a Japanese lady in any way..
but I do feel lazy to wipe off the make up every night and wash it again with water and for me, it's a BIG NO NO to sleep with the make up on so Bifesta is pretty much a kind of make up remover that I need. ^^

And you might wanna try it too!!

When they posted a sample to grab on their main page, 
I was so excited to try and can't wait to blog it out.
And I'm so glad that Sarah from Nuffnang gave me a sample of Bifesta to try on. *thank u!*

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It's pretty simple, I clean my face with a cotton pad and see this..

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Foundation, eye shadow, even eyeliner and mascara..All gone!
This cannot be real..especially my waterproof mascara!

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My half cleaned face!

This is....weird....yet awesome..
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My face..

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Super clean and moist!

One more thing that I love the most is:

It didn't dry up your skin at all..
I've been using up to 1/2 of the sample bottle now and still love it.

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 This is Holy grail for make up remover.

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 Love it!


  1. Have a nice HOLIDAY !!!

    Nice articles. I'm just blogwalking and very happy to stop here. And also give you some comment here.

    Dont forget to give us some your comment into my blog too.

  2. nice review!
    i am low on my beloved shisheido ft perfect oil. maybe i should look for this next time. ;)
    i used wp mascara daily and i am pretty lazy with my cleansing. lol

  3. Neng, postingan lo ke na lebih sadis dari iklan deh! apa lagi photo terakhir ng-iklan banget :)
    botol se kecil itu berapa kali make ?

  4. @ lena: i feel u! Been using ginvera oil to remove my make wp make up and lately feel lazy to do the oil cleaning afterwards 😣

    @ pitshu: gw pake mayan irit pit..itu botol kecil uda pake 2 mingguan loh..

  5. gua pernah baca el pake evoo untuk makeup remover, gua udah coba beberapa kali sih, manjur juga loh, tapi muka jadi berminyak :)

  6. wow, it really did a good job taking off your makeup. I don't have a makeup remover... I just use a bunch of oils but I think I need one specifically for my eyes. hmm on a hunt I go!

  7. Thanks for the review. I saw this at my local Japanese market and I had no idea that it performs so well. I might pick it up next time I'm in the store!

  8. wow..kayaknya manteb tuh pembersihnya. :-?
    ini di watson sg ada el?


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