September 19, 2011


Ate means older sister as said by previous people. Ate is from the tagalog language, it means older sister and is used as a sign of respect. It can be used by cousins and siblings, and it can refer to an older girl that one respects.

Dear Ate Amy, 
I'm so sorry for taking so long to finally post the product that i use religiously.
I didn't know what to post when you asked me to, so it takes a bit of time ^^
I'll post this 4 pics for u, to represent the things that I remember sharing with you.

And you know this post is especially for u.
Thank you for telling me such a wonderful words when I'm feeling blue and thanks for the encouraging hugs that I received from you for the last (almost) two years.

Ate, when you tell me I smells good in the morning, it's not because of the shower gel..
it's the talcum powder that i use every night for my sleep. I love the baby smell.
And yes, I (almost) never take shower in the morning :P

 Ate, you keep telling me how precious I am
and you really show me the example of being positive is the best way to fight the world.
You know I admire you for that.
And because of you, I learn to be honest with myself
and take out the mask that I put on every single day.
I feel free.
I feel real.

Ate, you know sometimes it just hard to get negative thought out of my head, but you told me to be thankful of what I am today, for the everything I received, and for God's plan in our life.
Thank you for never stop telling me that, cause I start seeing miracle happens in my life.

Lastly, always say " shit happens " 
but as much as you said that, you always keep your smile and 
telling me that " life must go on " with your lovely eyes.

I thank God for our friendship, thank you for being sister to me.
I will miss your hug, but I will never forget the feeling.


Btw, Ate..why are u asking me to post my products?



  1. aku suka ngintip2in perlengkapan macam ini ^__^

    spotted some nz products! diripiu donk el, gue suka cium2in doank tapi ga pernah beli hahaha..

    next, closet el? :D

  2. akan di rieview steph..uda difoto-fotoin kok..belon sempet edittingnya aja ^^

    closetku acak adut utk skrg steph..

  3. so sweet :)
    review nya dooonkk ^___^

  4. juga pecinta bedak baby.. :p
    Ampe sekarangpun bedak wajahku masih Johnsons.. :)

  5. rapi benerrrr...
    ngintip perlengkapan makeup-nya juga el, hehee...

  6. haha.. kata2 terakhirnya bikin gua ngakak, gua tungguin juga jawabannya :D

  7. waa bedaknya mape banyak gt...tiap hari ganti2 wanginya gt? :D

    review dongg smua perintilan mu itu,el...lucu2 bgt...shampoonya apa aja tuh?

    cure nya uda separo..uda lama yah el?

  8. printil2 alat perlenongan kluar smua hahahaaa
    rapih amat .
    jd pagi ampir ga pernah mandi El ? beneran ?

  9. banyak jg El perlengkapan perawatan lu :D bervariasi (bedaknya sampe semua wangi xD)

    foto2 perlengkapan makeup juga dong El. hihi

  10. pasti kamar tidur n kamar mandi elo wangi deh El :)

    demen banget ngeliat perintilannya El hehe

  11. @ nisa: akan di review..^^
    @ pitshu: iyah nih pit, temen gw aneh..dia minta tolong fotoin produk badan gw :)
    @ lic: hidup johnson and johnson!!

  12. @ mamana clo: sip, akan difotooo ^^
    @ Pucca: dia belon jawab neh..
    @ monic: nanti gw review mon..shampo nya itu dry shampo ^^
    @ veny: gw mandi sebelon bobo ven..pagi cm cuci muka tangan kaki ma cebok :P
    @ angel: akan difotoooo ^^
    @ debby: iyah suka wangi2an semuaa...^^

  13. woooooo :D produknya banyak skalii :D ditunggu reviewnya :D


  14. Tine - mamana J&JessSeptember 20, 2011 at 8:49 PM

    Waa asik ikutan ngintip el :p btw baru baca ttg last day @ work.. All the very best for your future endevours ya el ^^
    ps: request review in cure donkks el :))

  15. @ CAroline: oh my!! thanks for visitting back!! love love love u!!

    @ Tine: akan gw review tine ^^

  16. wah el, sama... gue juga suka bedak johnsons..baunya lembut bgt :)


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