November 03, 2009

Airwave perm

I did an Airwave Perm
@ Jeric Salon, Ion
Stylist: Ryan

I really like the service at Jeric Salon, and the stylist is very professional..oh at least Ryan is very professional and handsome ^^..

when i first came, he sat with me and do a simple consultation about the perm that I am interested to do.

Then he checked my hair texture and all.

And the best thing is..there's no Hidden cost!!
When they put the treatment, the stylist helper said this is all included in the package..I feel at ease here..
because some salon try to earn money by putting all treatment thingy and when the bill come it's like hundreds of dollars!

The place is very comfy and relaxing..i spent around 3 hours there but i can calmly sit as they provide tons of magazine, crackers and your choice of drinks

Luv it!

Btw, I'm not getting paid by this Salon to tell a good thing about them..i just love the service i feel like sharing it. ^^

This the Airwave perm process:

Pre perm treatment
Choosing size of roll
and rolling time




Post perm treatment

My fresh soft airwave perm


  1. salon sono kayanya lebih canggih dr dsini ya ca...ih jd tambh cantiks....mau dunk pot begitu..hehe..

  2. WHAT is perm?? *norak ya gw*
    Trus last for how lang ca?
    Btw.. Mangnya disalon dikasih snacks n minuman gratis?? wUAH mauu... hhhee..*MARUKS.mode on*
    Kalo di indo mah gak gratis.. pulang2 disuruh bayar lah.. hohoho

  3. inggris gua parah nih. Ini maksudnya lu di kriting gitu? Bagus tuh? Berapa duitan? hihihi... Gue kalo dikeriting begitu, alamat bakalan kaya bencong deh, ga pantes. Wakakkaa.. Lagian juga rambut gue tipis banget nih.

  4. Cocok euy El :) makin cakep!!!

    Gw jga lagi pengennnn bgt dikritingg neh Xp tapi ya waktunyaa blon ada nih ...

    Btw question gw hehe cailah.. apa bedanya sih airwave perm sama digital perm? (yg gw sering denger sih digital perm)

  5. @ Santi: Gw demennya mereka bisa jadiin apa maunya gw..kayaknya kl soal peralatan sama yah kayaknya.

    @ Patzie: Perm itu keriting gitu Pat..tapi yang airwave ini bukan yg kriting kriwil2..lebih ke texture gitu.

    @ Mommy: Gw kena S$190 rambut gw juga tipis AJE! tp bs keliatan tebel tuh..

    @ Jess: Gw juga benernya rada bingung kata orangnya..kl digital sifatnay lebih permanen..kl airwave cuma tahan 3-4 bulan aja.

  6. keren, ca...

    gua pengen tuh keriting kayak gitu.. jadi ngecesss....

  7. @ Mamana Felice: Hayuu..kapan kemari, daku temani..

  8. bagushhh c!!! jadi mauuu..!! hahahahaha.. mahal ga sih 190?? is that standard for perming?

  9. Bagus El!!!!jadinya keren!!,...wah,..cuman $190 all in? termasuk murah yach!,..dan rambut loe khan termasuk panjang...kyknya worth it tuch...

  10. hey there,
    chanced upon your blog and i wanna do a perm like that! it's very nice! may i ask how the perm is like now? does it still look the same, and do you have to specially style it with products after each time you wash to make it look good? hope you can answer my questions. thanks babe!

  11. Hi Beatrice,

    I tried to load your page and it happened to be a private page, so i will write back to you on this page, hope you don't mind.

    For my style, i kinda like a messy and natural bounce on my perm so i usually spray a product called "up tight" from bad head *bottle with yellow liquid inside* after i towel dry my hair..

    It create the bouncy effect for 2-3 days (depends on your hair) for my case..the second day is the best! shinny and it looks like u just done it with curler..Luv it.

    The perm is getting better for my case..and i dun have to do much thing in the morning.

    Hope this will help.


  12. thanks for replying! cool seems like airwave perm might be the right choice for me then. and i might do it at jeric too since i dunno where else they can do it well. thanks once again!! :D

  13. ooh i went to the jeric website and YAH ryan is cute like you said! hahaha. his skills are good ah? wonder if i can get discount if i say someone recommended him to me! heh. ooh yeah i wanted to ask you also, how much did you pay for it in total?? :) heard there's some promotion, but i'm only gonna be in SG in dec! hope it's still on then...!

  14. Hi Beatrice,

    I paid around S$192 total! and this is the promotion price..i hope it is still going on 'till dec. ^^


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