October 24, 2009

Back in Singapore..

2 interesting stories to share..

1. Turban..

As u know my manager, Balvinder is sikh..it's sikh not sick..i do not type it wrongly..
it's a religion with a turban as a trademark..so when we reach Surabaya, we need to screen our luggage before leaving the airport..and here comes the officer approaching Balvinder and asked him to remove the turban on the spot and put the turban on screening machine..*tuing?*

Well of course Bal refuse to take it off..as it is some sort of religion thingy just like muslim lady covering the hair with veil, but this officer keep insisting him to take it off by saying the day before we arrived they caught Iranian ladies smuggling drugs to Indonesia and stuff..and i have to argue pretty intense with this officer...and the funny thing is..if it's really stated in regulation and they really suspect Bal hiding something in his turban..the officer should take him to the room and asked him to remove it there..not at the screening machine and in front of people..

In short, we talk to the senior officer and he politely apologize and asked us to proceed out from the airport..silly!

It's really annoying when people just argue without showing some fact as a prove. sigh -_-'

After a while Bal said " eh, i should just say 'No i cannot remove my turban..might as well i sit inside the conveyor screening machine' " -_-' he should said that to the officer...hehe..

2. Lexus guy

Why Lexus guy? B'coz..he's driving Lexus..

I was inside taxi from airport to home, and my taxi stopped at one traffic light..and so did this Lexus car.

And the guy sitting inside turn his face to me and he keep looking at me..so i just starred back at him..and after the "starring moment" he took his hand phone and wave his hand phone after pointed at me..i wonder wut he's trying to do..*even i know wut he's trying to do* :P
I talked to Matek about this and she said " You stupid..just give ur number to him!!"
Matek is really stupid..*matek u better read this*..why should i give him my number?? even if i want to give..how can i give him my number? by numbering my finger out started with..9...6...4..3..and off my taxi go!..i might look so stupid by doing so..sigh..sigh..

And this guy..haiz..waving hand phone and pointing at sum1 between car and cab window?




  1. iya ya kalo pake turban ama kerudung tuh gimana ya sebenernya harusnya... soalnya kayak di sini tuh kalo masuk airport juga semua kudu dilepas. sampe sepatu, jaket (di singapur juga jaket kudu lepas kan ya) dan topi.

    soalnya emang bisa aja ya orang yang mau nyelundupin sesuatu belagak pake turban atau kerudung...

    tentang lexus guy... at least seneng dong ada yang naksir.. ya gak? hahahaha...

  2. Biasanya mereka kasih ruangan khusus man buat buka turban ato kerudung..bukan disuruh buka di tempat gitu..

    Lexus guy..gw senenglah..tp sayang cm sebatas kaca jendela..hahahahha

  3. ciecie.hahahahah.. lucu abish crita 22 nya. ahahaha..interesting story.. hauhaa

  4. ciecieee.. lexus loo.. ganteng ga c? ahahahah.. interesting stories.. ahahaha

  5. Hahaha.. GILA!! ini cerita paling lucu yg pernah gw baca. hahaha...
    Emang orang indo gak sopan yah!!!
    Diajak keruangan kek!!!

    YG bout the LX guy!! WOOHOOO!!!! Pertama gw baca.. gw setuju ma MATEK!! tapi setelah dipikir2 lagi.. IYA YAH!! !hahahaha... Kayak di film2 komedi aja :p


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