August 30, 2007


I just read Tasya's blog, i found she so much mature than the last time i talked to her..from every tot that shown from every words, i think she is a very mature lady now.

i dunno why, i always think that i'm the only one who never grow up and always left behind.
When everybody start to have they own mindset of what to do in the future, i still doing sumting that i dunno wut it's all about and dunno whether i like it or not.

I miss my day, when i only think about dance and dance..and nothing but the dance, really miss my day when i just practice so hard juz to get a cast or learn how to do pas de deux..miss to put on my point shoes and tight and start doing barre practice. i miss that day.

I never ever imagine myself sitting in the office doing office work and stop dancing. but here i am, in front of my computer with files besides me.

~~~~~ wut has happened to me?~~~~

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