August 27, 2007

Badminton World Championship



I spent 10 days in KL, to join da sales team in Badminton World championship~ equipment sponsored by Yonex.

I'm in charge in footwear booth, and it's really tiring!!! but, after i'm back to Singapore..i kinda miss my days there. Starting early in the morning and end up in the morning as well..fight with one of the part timer, and end up wishing to see him again =P and i found this 16th years old boy very2 naughty and irritating at first. but, after da 2nd day..i start to like him, he just show his attention in his way!! he never want to talk with me ( becoz..we speak different languages!!), but i found his careness through his unique way!
There were one time, i got hi-fever and still have to go for work..AND THAT WAS DA WORST TIME EVER!! anyway, he always called my name and when i looked at him..he just pretend he didn't call me.. and he always gimme his water ( we always run out of water =( , and he know i need water) he gave me candies ( but the way he gave me is sweeter than the sweet itself, he will juz come in front of me and say " elrica, this candy for u!" and again he shows his wut so called " cool and cold " face), and when i looked at him deeply he will blush and shy..wahahahaha..this boy really know how to play " hard to get"..and i'm enjoying every moment of it.
this some of our pic:

a-wai , me and a-hang

me, kat2, auntie, velrine



  1. minggu kemaren makan di ayam penyet yaaa...hihihihihi...

    itu fave boy lucu amat...kasih perhatian unik...hihihihi...jadi pengen balik ke kl ya elrica...hehehehe...

    enjoy your time deh ^^

  2. iyah, miss them so much..*diluar dugaan*


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