May 17, 2007


i'm having a fever ++...huuuuu...fever + running nose + headache + sore throat + body aches. that's da worst formula for my sickness ever!!!!
can't take it anymore...can't wait to be healthy again!'s my first time to feel unwell, and far away from family..nobody take care of me, nobody will make a meal and buy me a medicine...arief is here for me, but he gotta go to work, only sleep and Lemsip( medicine) help me to recover..huhuhuhu..


  1. awww *hugs*
    cepet sembuh el :(
    banyak2 istirahat ya sista :)
    luv ya!!!!


  2. hey ci L!
    Apa kabar =)
    link me!
    Take care yah ci... emang ga enak sakit ga ada yg nemenin. hahahaha... =)
    love always


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