August 18, 2021

Latest feature - Millwater Magazine

It does feel like a lifetime ago since my life was full of camera, talk show, fashion week, interviews, behind the scenes and all sort of kind of glam - and i kinda forgot how it feels to sit in interviews. 

So when the editor from Millwater magazine asked if she can feature me and my story, i was taken a back a little - it's been a while..shit, what to to behave? like literally not knowing what to do and didn't really understand why my life story and Singapore blogging journey was such an interesting topic to cover in this beautiful local New Zealand magazine. 

But hey, it was indeed one of the best interview i ever sit in, the magazine is about supporting local and sharing everything local :) and looking back, my blogging journey was definitely one my best experience in life and i am proud of what i have achieved :) 

Growing up in Indonesia, i bought almost every issue of "Gadis" magazines - reading the article and seeing girls featured for awesome stuff they did, their makeup style or winning some contest that sent them to USA or somewhere. That magazine really inspired me to dream, lol! Day dreaming in fact, because of my facial feature - i know at that time, my face wasn't in demand for that industry, let alone the look - the size of being overweight or always on the big size according to Asian standard is already a problem. Lol.

Anyway, fast forward to years laters.. I was featured in newspapers, magazines, became a brand ambassador, winning trip to Japan, non stop events and sponsorship! And all of that, was once a dream. Very grateful and humbled to be able to live my dream and shared my journey with many kind and beautiful people around the world. 

So, thank you once again Millwater Magazine to once again allowing me to experience my dream.

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