October 24, 2014

Biolee Journey part 4 - Dramatic spot

If you are looking for a brand that clear the stubborn spot, then you should buy this Biolee Acnepris dramatic spot. I swear by this product, and you should try to.

As a beauty blogger, I have tried several acne spot removal cream or whatsoever gel, serum, essence to remove my stubborn acne spot around my nose area. 

But really, nothing as fast, and as effective as this one.

Biolee Acnepris dramatic spot gently, quickly works while you sleep. Helps clear stubborn, recurring skin trouble. Also good for chest and back. The natural pine pollen extract reduces the trouble on acne/oily skin. Use only on the acne spot area. Do not use around eyes and on the whole surface. This is really one Effective spot treatment for the trouble. 

BIOLEE acn├ępris and ACNIQUE adopt only natural botanical extract, pine pollen extracts an antibacterial agent. It contain the natural acne-treating cosmetics: not include chemical compounds such as salicylic acid, triclosan and benzoyl peroxide. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

The texture is clear and it doesn't dried up as flake when you apply it, instead it will fully absorbed by the skin and work effectively to fight the spot. I use Biolee Dramatic Spot only in the evening, but if you have a more stubborn spot, please use it twice a day for faster result.

This raneg available at John Little Plaza Singapura and Marina Square.
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October 06, 2014

Eumora the Miracle facial bar

Is anyone out there ever heard about the facial bar called " Eumora " ? 

To be honest, when I was approached to review this brand - I was like " Eumora " ? I never heard about this brand before. Then I did my research to know about this brand and too my surprised, I found many testimonial about how awesome the facial bar is! But in contrary I found many forum said that this is just an MLM products that is expensive and not working as it's claimed to be. 

Let's roll with me to find out if this facial bar worth the kaching you spent!

What is " Eumora " ?

Eumora is a skincare product that is taking hype in calling itself " The Miracle " Facial Bar. This sensational moor facial bar, infused with Hydration MicroAlgae factor. 

And before I yapping further..let's go through with me on some fact about what MOOR is. MOOR is made of Tiefen or Deep Moor from Austria, this mud is a nutrient rich peat formed during Ice Age and has the essence of 700 types of plants hormones, trace elements, natural antibiotics, organic compounds herbs and flowers! 16th century Alchemist Paracelsus, described Moor as the 'quinta essentia vitae' which he believed to be the elixir of life.

Now to more details, research has shown that MOOR penetrates easily into the skin, re-establishing the skin's natural PH balance & increasing the flow of blood to the skin. Skin is detoxified, purified, toned and revitalized by soluble organic and inorganic active nutrients.

2 weeks ago, I started using this facial bar on my leg. (Oh btw, ALWAYS test on some other body part when you first trying out some products. NEVER EVER start on your face! You'll never know if you have allergic reaction to the products.) For the first 2 days I don't get any allergic reaction to it but in the same time, I don’t feel anything special about the facial bar, apart from the extra clean and smooth feeling on my skin. So, I start using it on my neck then to my face. On my first week trying this facial bar on my face, I felt the tightness and firmness every time I wash my face. If you have a dry skin like me, it's important to apply a generous amount of moisturiser when you use this product, because this facial bar is going to absorb all the oil on your face. For oily to acne skin, I think this products will help to get rid all those oil and excessive dirt in your face. 

One thing to note about this product; a minority of users may experience "healing crisis" 

What is healing crisis?

“Healing crisis” is the initial visible effects of the detoxifying process
experienced by a very small minority of users, as the skin expels toxin
which may have accumulated under the skin over time. The most common
examples are localized dryness, itchiness, redness, peeling or even
breakouts that will gradually disappear as your skin organ heals and is a
definitive sign that Eumora is working.

What should I do if I experience a "healing crisis"?

For some people especially those with sensitive and very dry skin types, who experience some ‘localized’ or ‘temporary’ skin drying after using the Eumora Facial Bar for a few times. Their most outer skin layer is naturally more sensitive to any type of facial cleanser. Please apply your daily moisturizer as usual after the wash. The drying condition is part of the healing symptom however it could be helped if you use good moisturizer to ease the process and aid the most outer skin layer with the protection of the good moisturizer.

If you have a chronic face condition, it’s always good to consult your condition to your trusted dermatologist for a green light. 

For me, I don't have much problem with my skin so far. So, I like using Eumora facial bar to get the firmness effect especially on my neck area, and I do think this facial bar is really good for mature skin as well. Maybe a little treat for mom? 

rub it into a form of foam

To conclude if this facial bar worth the try - YES! and is this worth to purchase for the second time - that depends on how it suits your skin. My mom love this, she feel the anti aging effect on her skin. I think this products is OK, I do get the firmness I want - but it doesn't make my skin brighter and or clearer than before, this is maybe I am already fair and has nothing to clear in the first place. 

But take a look on the photos by some user below:

It works for them, and it might work for you too! 

So if you would like to try the facial bar, do visit this link HERE and all you need to do is to pay a little amount for postage fee. For a limited time only, visitors who request the free trial will also have the ability to get a 30% discount off their first box ordered of Eumora Classic plus get free shipping. 

Also, stay tuned for my giveaway :)

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October 02, 2014

The before and after Mary Chia treatment

This time round, I am not going to share the before and after make up photos of mine.
Instead, I am going to share with you my before and after Mary Chia treatment.

Are you ready?


This is courtesy Mary Chia, so please do not take this photo without permission, yeah?

In this photo, I have lost total 9,6kg and i lost more than 11cm on waist alone!!
It's pretty awesome, right? But that's not all..because after I completed my treatment, I lost another 3 kgs! and for the first time in my 15 years, I am weighing 59 kg!
Hellooooo number "5", it's been a while since I saw you.

I am forever grateful to ever know Mary Chia in my blogging journey, and to be a mom with the body way better than before having a child is really a dream come true for me.
It feels surreal and awesome in the same time.

I have to admit, after Mary Chia - I gained my confidence back!
No flabby skin, no stretch mark, no water retention, and " All the right junk on a right place! " kind of figure. :D. I met mommas that lost quite a number of weight and look horrible. So gotta pick an experienced and trustworthy slimming expert like Mary Chia, ok? - Ya i know, I am promoting them:) - Because you might thank me for the wonderful result they can do on your body.

I went to the Goldhill Centre!
Meet Irene or Vivian to discuss more about the programme that suits you.

Mine are combinations of the below:

·         Intensive Weight Vaporiser (45-min)

o   Our special vibration bed first rock the body to 15 minutes of thorough perspiration - equivalent to 45 minutes of rigorous exercise.

o   An air pressure slimmer repeatedly compresses and relaxes the body

o   Sauna treatment flushes excess water from the body system

o   A full body wrap seals in the benefits of this time-tested slimming programme

o    Assuring immediately visible results that last for weeks

o    Results: Effective weight reduction, body toning, figure contouring, improved circulation & metabolism

·         Womb Care Detox Therapy (75-min)

For centuries, Indonesian people have benefited from the healing powers of herbs gifted by Mother Nature through Indonesia's rich tropical rainforests. It is here where the wisdom of Cimu originates.

Essentially, Cimu oil is created by specially blending medicinal roots, bark, leaves with specially selected fruits and flowers. These exceptional herbs have been widely used for health & beauty care, and have been used to treat minor illnesses, whilst increasing one’s vitality & virility. This special Cimu blend is very effective in relieving fatigue in feet, legs, neck and back. Cimu can also alleviate common women’s health issues and to maintain a beautiful complexion.

With the combination of Cimu body and womb massage, detox steam therapy & a womb care herbal masque application, the Womb Care Detox Therapy is a natural healing treatment which aids the body's detoxification abilities, helping to flush out excess water retention and accumulated toxins to achieve a slimmer and healthier physique.

This massage therapy plays an important part in the restoration of the abdominal muscle wall & the uterus to its normal state. It helps to realign the body weight to its original distribution, & tones the over-stretched areas of skin on the belly.

·         Invigorating Cellulite Buster (35-min)

o   A revolutionary & risk-free technology from France

o    Gentle suction and rolling using state-of-the-art equipment

o   Targets the hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms where cellulite is most pronounced

o    Localised microcirculation massage reduces the extra fats responsible for the orange-peel effect

o    Extensively tones and firm the skin for a slimmer and more refined figure

o    Results: Reduction of localised fat pads, skin toning & firming, improves skin appearance, elimination of toxins, fight signs of aging, smoothing & relaxing effect

·         Coffee Drainage Therapy (45-min)

o   Luxuriate in this pampering slimming body scrub made from quality Arabica coffee seeds and experience instant skin rebirth.

o    Freshly grounded Coffee Scrub is applied on the entire body, followed by hot blanket therapy

o    Aids in body detoxification and improves blood circulation.

o   Results: elimination of toxins, reduction in water retention, body firming and improved skin appearance

·         IntegralQuartz Macro Body Sculpting Treatment (35-min)

The solution for time-strapped ladies – Multi-efficacy treatments that promise to troubleshoot multiple ‘problems’ in a single session. The IntegraQuartz Macro Sculpting Treatment, developed in France, combines gentle suction and rolling techniques using state-of-the-art equipment to effectively target the hips, buttocks, thighs and arms where cellulite is most pronounced.

The treatment intensively conditions the skin tissue to eliminate fat deposits, revitalises lymphatic circulation and accelerates lipolysis. At the same time, the technology is able to stimulate collagen and elastin production to firm skin. It is non-invasive, zero discomfort and has zero downtime.

This technology is a viable option for women who want to maintain their youthful complexion and physique without having to undergo aesthetics surgeries and injections – the key benefits of this technology promotes improved collagen product and skin elasticity which allows for a non-invasive face-lift; on the body, the effects of the treatment help to lift, firm, sculpt and tone what time and gravity has made sag.

·         Vibrotrim Body Perfector (35-min)

o   Combines vibrating massage, rotating ultrasound and micro-electro therapy for thrice the body sculpting action and results

o   Enjoy a luxurious thermal masque treatment, as minerals reach deep under your skin to work wonders on unsightly fat cells

o    Results: Body sculpting, skin toning & firming, overall sense of well-being

Call now:

6250 7949

183/185 Goldhill Centre

Thomson Road



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September 29, 2014

Jane Iredale magic hour collection

Make up stuff always makes me happy!
Especially when it comes from one of my favourite brand - Jane Iredale.

I am always a big fans of this high quality brand, none of the collection that I ever tried and tested before, disappoint me :)

So when they offer me to review their magic hour collection, I was happy! 
 and as expected The collection is damn gorgeous as always.

The smooth texture of the new Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner naturally creates the rich, captivating look of kohl, but without any chemicals or irritants, and waterproof effect with the combination of natural coconut oil and silicones. Available in Black and Brown and packaged in a compact pod, each Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner provides long-wearing color that easily glides on with the Angle Eyeliner Brush designed to ensure precise application on the lash line.

The PurePressed Eye Shadow . Triple in Golden Girl creates golden lids that can be sultry or romantic, with three glimmering eye shadow shades that may be worn alone or together: a deep bronze, a shimmery dusty rose and a rich gold.

Lip Fixation is a dual-ended lip stain and gloss that provides strong, long-lasting color and moisturizing shine to the lips. Packed with botanicals, the stain soothes and protects lips for comfortable, buildable coverage without feathering or drying. The gloss creates a luscious, shiny look while hydrating and imparting a delicious vanilla taste on lips. The new mauve shade, Compulsion, creates a subtle, sultry lip, while Craze takes coral to a gorgeous golden hue.

This is my favourite color!

Isn't gorgeous?

Here are the pricing :)

Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner in Black or Brown $45
Angle EyeLiner Brush $24
PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple in Golden Girl $48
Lip Fixation in Compulsion or Craze $58
In Touch Highlighter in Comfort $48

 Do check and like their facebook page HERE, and do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions on the product :)
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September 25, 2014

Ceritanya: lagi galau.

#Eaaa... ini judulnya malesin banget ya? Tapi gw pengen nulis aja buat kenang kenangan gw di masa depan, karena di hari ini gw berasa kegalauan paling galau di idup gw. Mulai dari:

1. Life
Ya eyalah ya, yang digalauin pasti ada hubungannya sama idup. At this point of time, pertama kalinya gw ga tau gw mo ngapain di idup gw. It's like, gw tau gw ada family yang mesti gw rawat, dan juga journey with Ethan yang makin hari makin cape tapi nyenengin, tapi gw berasa kayak kok " kosong " bener ya idup gw gini? Gw ga ada something yang gw look forward to, gw ga ada something yang bikin gw excited to run my day. Dan sungguh, jarang banget loh gw berasa begini.


Kayaknya itu yang well describe idup gw at this point of time.

I don't feel excited with my life, i don't feel excited with my family, and i don't even know knapa juga gw begini? Normal kaga sih begini? Gw berasa hormon abis lahiran harusnya uda beres, tapi - sigh - ga tau la. T_T

2. Future
I don't know. I don't even have things to achieve in my future.

By the time kita pindah ke NZ, the itu officially gw ga punya rumah, ga punya kerjaan, dan di tempat yang gw ga tau gw bakal betah ato engga. Crap is the word to describe how I think of my moving to NZ. But then again, kita pindah untuk Ethan - jadi gw bakal tahan tahanin idup di sono :)

3. Blogging life

Gw baru kali ini berasa gw bosen nge-blog soal beauty loh. Ini taon ke 3 gw nulis soal beauty2 gini di blog, tapi kok nulis beauty uda gampang banget ya kayaknya *gila songong mampus ya*, jadinya berasa ga ada tantangan euy. hahaha..

Lagi mikir, mo mulai fashion blog ah pas gw pindah ke NZ sama aktifin lagi life blog nya :)
Ada yang pernah berasa bosen blogging ga?

4. Hobby

Gw kan suka banget ya nge-dance sama make up, gw berasa sejak gw punya baby..gw jadi ga ada akses untuk jalanin hobby gw kayak dulu. Dan gw berasa there's a little part of me yang dying to have this 2 activity\ies back. 

Boro boro balik ke kelas dance..kadang mandi aja baru jam 4 sore :)

5. Me, myself and I

I am not happy. I think I am not happy being stay at home mom.
Walopun gw uda ambil keputusan buat di rumah dulu, jagain Ethan sampe dia gedean, tapi tetep aja there is a part of me yang berasa " I think I will be a happier person if I go to work ". Gw uda rela kok kalo bakal dicerca about being ga grateful to be stay at home Mom, dimana banyak orang yang wish they can stay at home with their kids.

I just feel that stay at home is not for everybody.

Bener ga?

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Disney baby is in Singapore!

Disney baby is in Singapore!
As a mom of almost 1 year old son, this news is as good as having a new cosmetics brand in town and it's a must to check out!

Disney unveiled the new Disney Baby in Southeast Asia debut at Singapore’s leading parenting expo - Rise and Shine. I was there to shop for little one and when I saw the Disney booth, I immediately mesmerized by how wonderful and gorgeous the theme are, and I immediately join the contest to pick my favourite room in hoping to win the Disney hamper worth $400!

 The new Disney Baby collections provide feel-good, unique products organized around key moments of the day, including Dressing Baby, Mealtime, Playtime and On-the-Go.  The entire range of Disney Baby licensed consumer products offering for expectant parents, new-borns and toddlers will now be available for the first time in Singapore. 

I have some of the goodies from Disney baby that literally bring me back to my childhood memories and it gives me a warm feeling in my heart to know that I am growing up with Disney, and now I got a chance to pass on the Disney magic to my son.

Disney Baby provides Singaporean parents with quality products they need for creating magical moments right from the start, enhanced by the positive family-bonding and magical connection that only Disney brings. The range of products available spreads across nursery linens, feeding time, apparel, toys, bath-time and home-ware.

Disney Baby is distinctively more design-led, particularly the apparel offering, featuring a contemporary colour palette and beloved Disney characters and stories which parents and gift-givers recognise and treasure. The creative direction ensures ranges are coordinated with the emphasis on mixing and matching Disney character accents across ranges, especially within the nursery and home-ware collections. Characters which feature in the Disney Baby range at launch include Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other classic Disney characters like Bambi.

“With Disney Baby, families can connect and grow a special lasting bond with our stories and characters. Our unique emotional connection with Southeast Asia’s families and kids differentiates Disney Baby, when compared to other baby brands as a trusted choice for expectant and new moms,” says Mark Coleman, General Manager – Retail and Licensing, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia.

“The Disney Baby represents a high quality that parents can trust and numerous gifting opportunities for extended family and friends who want to share in the Disney magic,” he adds.
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September 19, 2014

Luscious Cosmetics

I received this bundle of colorful makeup about a month ago, and I just have time to blog about it like..now! Motherhood is surely run faster that the ticking clock. :)

Ok, now..without further due..I would like to Introduce to Luscious Cosmetics to YOU!

Founded in 2007, Luscious Cosmetics has gained a loyal following among celebrities, makeup artists and beauty addicts alike, attaining the status of one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world. New and dynamic product launches keep us on the cutting-edge of the beauty industry, as each product is developed for high-performance results at par with premium beauty brands.
With a wide range of luxurious, yet affordable products ranging from basic to super-glam, we believe your beauty should be expressed as subtly or dramatically as you want. At Luscious there are no rules and no limits to create your own signature look. Our mantra: Celebrate Your Beauty!

Luscious products are strictly free of animal ingredients and never tested on animals. All lip products are alcohol free and are formulated for long lasting, vibrant color results that survive any climate.

Inspired by the vivacious spirit and beauty traditions of South Asia and the Middle East.
They strive to stay at the cutting edge of fashion to create niche products. They also work with the most sought after makeup artists and fashion icons to create shades that flatter and suit skin tones across all spectrums. 

Take a look on this collection they sent me :)

It's gorgeous!

On top of that, they sent me one beautiful sparkling face shimmer - Star light.
The texture is really light and oh so soft..

This shimmer powder has a nice glowing effect and I can imagine how beautiful this will be when I apply on my cheek and nose bridge.

The second this I received was this lipstick palette in red hue. One thing that interesting about this palette is they name the color with ladies name:

Swatching on my lips as below:






I LOVE all the colors. It's moisturized well on my lips, stay on pretty well and overall i was really surprised that with affordable price range - Luscious cosmetics could maintain the quality.

I will also share with you the swatches of the gorgeous eye shadow collection too; pardon the mess on the photo as I think the palette is slightly shaken during the shipment.
The Ather Shahzad has 48 eyeshadow colors in matte and shimmer, although the palette looks a bit messy in color arrangement - I still think the pigmentation is awesome and the color turns out really well.

Take a look at this:

It's quite nice right? I love it.

The palette comes with 4 blushes and 2 higlighter.
Honestly, one blush color is a little too strong for my liking, but maybe that is because i have a very fair skin. I don't think the right below color that close to red will look good on my NC 25 skin.
The rest of the colors is beautiful, all I need to is to apply it thinly and problem solved.

Luscious cosmetics is available in Singapore.
Do check their website HERE for more details.

'Till next time.
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