April 07, 2014

Japan here we come!

Kami hendak berangkat ke Tokyo!
Gile ini bener bener ga ada rencana gitu loh ke Jepang, awalnya mo bulan Oktober ke Jepangnya..trus entah kenapa, maju ke April untuk liat Sakura.

Gw ma Bang Arip bakal sotoy mampus berbekal Tokyo - Lonely Planet guide, jalan sendiri ga pake tour kesono. Trus kita cuman bermodalkan bahasa Jepang " Sumimasen " untuk komunikasi..ntah apa jadinya lah disana. ^^

Baby Ethan ga dibawa, padahal gw uda beli baju yang agak tebel buat dipake Ethan di Jepang..tapi rencana berobah, dan akhirnya Ethan bakal spend 1 week di rumah grandpa grandma nya. Yang ada gw terbang bolak balik anterin Ethan, yaolooo dah! rempong bener jadwal gw..

Hari ini gw kerja terakhir, besok siang terbang ke Jakarta - rebo pagi terbang balik ke SG, trus subuhya eke cabcus ke Haneda- Tokyo. Happy? Iyah mayan! Excited? Buanget - secara kita mo sok sok an explore Japan sendiri :)

Itinerarynya mayan simple, daerah2 di Tokyo kayak Shinjuku, Harajuku, Tsukiji market, Ueno, Shibuya, Ginza, dll..tapi kita rencanya mo ke Hakone sama Yokohama, yang gw ga tau gimana cara perginya. Hahhaha..ini uda buta jalan masi sok mo ke luar kota. Modal peta, lonely planet book, portable wifi sama google map aja -> semoga ga nyasar. 

Lalu dari semalem gw mulai galau tak tentu mo ninggalin Ethan seminggu di Jakarta, rasanya antara seneng dan berberat ati in the same time. Senengnya, karena finally gw bisa have a break, bisa bobo through the night, and spend time lebih sama si abang. Soalnya sejak Ethan lahir, gw kan pegang sendiri yah..jadi bener2 berasa idup aye kok berobah drastis ya? :P
Tapi in the same time, gw galau mampus ngebayangin gw ga ketemu Ethan for 7 x 24 hours gitu..takut nanti di Jepun gw mikirin, dia lagi apa..lagi ngelucu apa lagi..dll. *lebay ya?*

Yang pernah ke Jepun, sini kasih saran ke saya..apa yang harus dibeli? apa yang harus dimakan? dan apa yang harus diliat?

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Kiehl's Clearly Corrective - Hydrating & Clarifying treatment Masque.

Do you remember seeing my instagram of one full box of Kiehl's Clearly Corrective range?
Now, I am sharing my take on the Clearly Corrective - Hydrating & Clarifying treatment Masque.

It's April! and somehow in Singapore - it's going to be the start of hottest month throughout the year, and that means - The sun is up and I am starting up my brightening series to prevent my freckles to grow happily.

Apart from that, with being a mommy - I almost have no  " me time " at home.
I am now tend to squeeze up my face regime and get the quickest thing to fix something.
So, when Kiehl's come up with this mask that offers noticeable, immediate results: with just one application of the masque offers the skin brightness improvement results equal to 3 weeks of twice a day usage of Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution - I am totally sold.

Pardon my tired face at 12.30 am after lil love is sleeping.

 Unlike the usual mask that leave the eye part hollow, Kiehl's Hydrating & Clarifying treatment Masque pay attention to the details, like having a little flip for you to cover your eyes area and relax while Kiehl's mask do some wonders on your skin.

 Do you know the new Clearly Corrective White Hydrating and Clarifying Treatment Masque is clinically tested3 to help reverse visible skin discoloration, hydrate for 24 hours, and significantly increase luminosity for an overall improvement in skin clarity?

Clearly Corrective White Hydrating and Clarifying Treatment Masque demonstrated statistically significant improvement upon application—subjects experienced a 46% boost in hydration. Statistically significant improvement from baseline4 was also demonstrated in the following skin attributes after 3 weeks among all subjects:
- 27% improvement in complexion radiance/luminosity/brightness
- 22% improvement in skin clarity/transparency
- 27% improvement in skin texture/softness

It's sound super awesome right?

I recommend this masque, if you are busy and need a quick regime to insert your facial care like I am. Grab this mask!
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April 03, 2014

Chinoshino "MOM'S LOVE" Baby Soap

I think this will be the very first ever baby review I did on behalf of my lil love :)
And the honour goes to the kind people at Beauty Direct and the amazing Camy.

If you start thinking that I risk my lil love in doing this kind of review for my baby, then I think I need to clarify this once and for all that I LOVE my baby more than the sponsorship products or anything. Before i start using it, I do read the label, extend the research, read up the review and even did a skin test on lil love's heels to see his skin reaction towards products. If it appears reddish by the next day, it will be a big NO NO for me to use it for him, if it's not..then it's fine.
So, yeah..I got it covered on this matters.- thank u for your concern -

Anyway, Lil love usual skincare and bath set is under MUSTELA brand.
He cannot take Kodomo, Johnson&Johnson, or even SEBAMED ( I bought a set of SEBAMED set and end up using it for my own lor ~ sigh). I hope lil love skin will not be as sensitive as mine, but I guess he got that gene from me.

So when Chinoshino come to the picture, I am excited to let lil love try for this Japanese brand.
I am hoping this could also be the range that acceptable for his sensitive skin. 

Before I use it for the whole body, I pump a little amount of Chinoshino " MOM'S LOVE " baby soap and wash his feet. I think this is the safe way to tried out any skincare to our baby skin. I observe on how the skin reacting to the soap then I feel at ease to use it all over his body.

●【Not using】synthetic surfactants, coloring agents, mineral oils, flavorings or antioxidants.
●This is eco- and skin-friendly forming soap made from natural materials derived from natural fats and oils.
●It can be safely used as a face and body cleaner for every family member, even babies under the age of one.
●It contains hyaluronic acid Na (moisturizing ingredient) to moisturize dry skin. - See more at: http://beautydirect.com.sg/index.php/chinoshio/4982757912453.html#sthash.hQ4866wC.dpuf
I am glad that Chinoshino is acceptable for lil love's sensitive skin :)
 This soap is eco and skin friendly made from natural oil and fats, it does not contains synthetic surfactant, coloring agents, mineral oils, flavorings or anti oxidants.  

Lil love and I loving the fluffy unscented foam from the bottle. The feeling is similar  with touching the light and airy cotton ball, i like the rich and moisture feeling in my skin. I believe lil love loving it too :)
Look at his joyful moment during bath time :) oh, btw that is my mum's hand on his tummy - bonding time with grandma ^^

●【Not using】synthetic surfactants, coloring agents, mineral oils, flavorings or antioxidants.
●This is eco- and skin-friendly forming soap made from natural materials derived from natural fats and oils.
●It can be safely used as a face and body cleaner for every family member, even babies under the age of one.
●It contains hyaluronic acid Na (moisturizing ingredient) to moisturize dry skin. - See more at: http://beautydirect.com.sg/index.php/chinoshio/4982757912453.html#sthash.hQ4866wC.dpuf

Chinoshio 'Mom's Love' Baby Soap Foamy retailing at $13.90 and available at Isetan and plaza@cosme at 100AM 

Have a fun and joyful bath experience with Chinoshio ' Mom's love ' baby soap foamy.

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April 02, 2014

I am loving Mary Chia - LPG machine!

and you should too!

Cellulite is really stubborn to get rid! and diet alone will not help to fight it.
Therefore, we need a little machine help to work on our body.

I have one positive word on Mary Chia LPG machine: " OMG! "
This lower range of Mary Chia Integra machine work wonderful as well in fighting my cellulite!
I've been doing this treatment 2-3 times a week now and I was pleasantly surprise that my leg are looking slender than before. 

Yes! my fatty leg can look better - and it's definitely will work on yours too.

The treatment is pretty simple and take less than an hour, so if you are busy to come to Mary Chia outlet after work, you can actually do it in the lunch time as well :)

No sweat, no wrapping, no extra effort. Just simple lay down after wearing the body stocking provided by the staff and you are good to start the treatment.

Relax, and let Mary Chia expert therapist work on your problematic area.

This machine, combining gentle suction and rolling using state-of-the-art equipment, this invigorating treatment targets only the hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms where cellulite is most pronounced, without affecting other areas of the body.

Take a look on how the treatment goes in my video below :)

I recommend Mary Chia Goldhill Centre:
6250 7949
183/185 Goldhill Centre
Thomson Road

Look for Irene or Vivian for more information.
They are nice and not pushy. 
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March 31, 2014

A good journey with Sk-II

It's coming to the end of March and this means that it has been almost a good 3 months since I religiously started my SK-II regime.
And my skin has never been this good!
My skin has finally achieved a consistent, plump “boing boing” effect and the much talked about “crystal clear skin”.

If you are new to my blog and ready to ask me on what SK-II products I use in the comment box, let me once again take you through my regime.
Of course, do remember to take the Magic Ring test before purchasing any SK-II products. In my opinion, the Pitera Facial Treatment Essence trial kit is a good investment to start with.
So, my skincare regime comprises these products:

I personally think the SK-II product combination in my regime complements each other and works well in achieving the crystal clear skin that I always wanted. I'm thankful for the decision I took years ago to switch my skincare to SK-II and to have stuck with it through the years.
Do check out the SK-II website for more information, or if you want to find out more about the Pitera Essence trial kit that I have been using these past three months, you can check it out HERE. Lastly, please subscribe to the SK-II newsletter to get updates on the latest news about SK-II.
I hope SK-II works as well for you as it does for me.
'Till the next update! Stay pretty! Stay healthy!
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March 28, 2014

Chinoshio - baby powder detergent

To come and think about it, my blogging journey has brought me to the level of experience, where by I am not and no longer " just " that beauty blogger, but it's far and beyond than just a lady writing review about beauty products.

This blog has become my journey, a kind that I jot down and shared it virtually with people around the world - yeap, my google analytics just proves me that this blog goes as far as Russia -
and I couldn't be happier that along the journey, I made friends with the fellow bloggers and of course from the brand that i work with before.

Just like the kind people from Beauty Direct that keeps bringing the good stuff of beauty and now baby products to Singapore. If you heard about the famous Starlash eyelashes (that I love so much), Fernanda, JUJU, White label and many more good stuff that made in Japan, they are all from Beauty Direct.

I love them and love the way they shar their awesome products :)
Just like this Chinoshio baby powder detergent that I use in lil love laundry.

I like the fine texture and non perfume powder detergent for lil love, and this Chinoshio fit the criteria. Ever since I become a mom, I very much care about what's gentle to lil love skin more than I care about my skin..and thank goodness this Chinoshio powder detergent is gentle to skin and environmental friendly. 

It doesn't create any foam, and work wonders in removing baby food stain, and any other stain on lil love clothes.Ugh, u know how messy baby clothes could be when they are starting eating solid.

So far, this detergent doesn't create any problem in lil love skin and with the compact packaging..I think it's suitable to bring it along for a holiday. - just in case you need to wash your lil love clothes -

Available at Beauty Direct website and Isetan.

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