July 22, 2014

Video Tutorial: Casual Make Up

Olla ladies, just a quick one to share my video make up tutorial :)

Hope this one will help you to have an idea on how usually I do my casual make up. This time round, all the 24H make up products are sponsored by Tokyo Luxey.

Let me know what do you think if the video and what will be the next video you are looking forward to see ^^

'Till next time.
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July 17, 2014

Welcoming my new job as full time Mommy!

Akhirnya daku putuskan untuk nulis buat kalo nanti taon taon depan gw baca lagi, gw bisa bandingin apa yang gw give up in sekarang se worth it apa di ke depannya :)

Sesuai judul, daku sudah berenti kerja..tepatnya sebulan lalu :)
Well, dari awal taon sejak gw kelar maternity leave, gw uda work from home dibantuin sama mama gw or mama in law. Tapi this time round, gw totally dah berenti dari kerjaan yang gw demen bener. Aduh mak..rasanya susah banget dan antara rela tak rela..aku tak relaaa *pake nada ngeleyot ala dangdud* apalagi pas gw gw kuar dari kantor lama, gw ada tawaran interview untuk posisi marketing manager di salah satu giant beauty company. Kepikiran sampe ga bisa tidur gw! 

Mikir ini itu sampe keki sendiri.

Dan akhirnya gw ga ambil, karena emang setelah ngomong ma bang Arip, kita sepakat kalo Ethan itu priority :) dan gw stay at home sama dia - Benernya ga sepakat sepakat amat sih soal stay at home, karena gw mo kerja dan at this point karir gw lagi cakep beneeer..sayang kalo dilepas. 

Dan karena gw ga kerja berarti kan single income, gw khawatir sama single income euy - yang berarti gw ga ada freedom lagi buat spend my money. Apalagi sg lagi GSS dong - di taon taon kemaren, gw ke Zara pick all the clothes i want and pay ( macam orang kaya aje! ) - but yes! I used to have that financial freedom. Tapi sekarang, ngeliat ini itu..langsung itung dan meng-console diri kalo baju gw udah banyak and i don't need it. T_ T - daku sedih. Walo akhirnya beli juga 2 baju winter buat modal nutupin badan di New Zealand. I might sound selfish karena yang gw pikirin itu belanjaan gw, but anyway..am sharing this to make peace with myself and for the sake of letting out my thoughts. 

Gw sampe ngobrol sama Esther nya Arman soal gimana dia bisa let go apa yang udah dia punya dengan ikhlas, dan how to overcome single income di family. She is really one lovely lady yang menurut gw ga kebetulan gw whatsapp dia dan nanya ini, our conversation is just somehow a kind that i need. And yeah, just as what she shared..as a women sometimes you just can't have it all. True. I cannot be an awesome marketing manager for one company and in the same time be with my kids and playing play-doh. 

So although it seems like i am a kind that will run busy in office, i finally signing my contract to the most toughest job in my life; being a fulltime mom. No maid. 

Not that I am being overly dramatic about this decision by saying that this is the toughest job; because i think, it is. I used to think how cool will that be to " just " stay at home, taking care of the kids and do nothing. But yoo...Holly momma! Baby, bath time, milk, meal, laundry, cleaning, baby walk, back to meal time, play time, nap time, more cleaning and the list goes on and on...kayak ga ada abisnya gitu, buset dah! Cape nya ajubile. 
Dan sejak jaga Ethan sendirian, berat gw ini berat teringan sepanjang 10 taon terakhir..wohooooo!!! - tapi kalo bole, mo embak dong satu -

Jadi begitulah kabar daku sekarang sekarang ini, intinya jadi ibu RT. Lol! 
Mo bilang gini aja kok susah ya..prembulenya panjang amat. Hahaha. 

Dan on the brighter side, gw bakal bikin youtube channel untuk make up tutorial..launching nanti akhir bulan :) Nanti ditonton yaaa..ya? Ya? Ya?


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July 12, 2014

Lovely range from Panier Des Sens

As someone who loves scented items, Panier Des Sens collections are perfect  to pamper my busy day as stay home Mommy.

At first, I thought, being a full time mom means i have free time at home to do whatever I like and pretty much nothing much to do - maybe it's true for some lucky mommy. But for me, taking care of my 9 months old love alone, and without a help of maid can be pretty occupied most of the times. But..more about this later.

So yeah, i will have my " me time " when le hubby is back from work. I usually let le baby spend time with his daddy so i can sneak out to soak myself in a warm bath tube, reading my Glamour magazine and just pretty much taking my break :) Usually the old pampering habit continue..with the full body scrub!
Let's scrub those dead skin cell away, shall we?

If you have almost the same habit like me, please try Panier Des Sens Honey sugar scrub. It's selling at SGD 45 and available at takashimaya level 3 in a gift section.I might be bias because the smell is no nice and the texture is in soft sugar moisture that leave my skin clean, moisturized and oh so smooth.

Also, do try out their Honey lip balm to give the best of honey on your lips.
SGD 23

And my current Honey & Propolis hand cream.
SGD 23

Apart from the goodness of Honey, I enjoy the fresh Rose scent to give me a little boost to run my day.
Yes, I am guilty in applying eau de parfum even at home :) and actually, I (sometimes) spray some calming scent for my bed time too. :)

Panier Des Sens Rose Eau De Parfum doesn't give a typical sweet rose kind of scent.
It's fresher with a little tint of nature smell. Unique and I am loving it.
SGD 50

The range are complete from the shower Gel, body lotion and hand cream.
Available in travel size too.

Available at Takashimaya SC " The Gift Box " on 3rd level.
Do check it out!

They have awesome range for you.

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July 01, 2014

My signature eyeliner look.

Latest eyeliner favourite by Starlash!

I am loving this because it's glide smoothly and stays throughout the day - No matter if you stays Indoor or  outdoor. I actually don't see this quality coming from a new player - but Starlash that started with their lashes range never failed to impress me.

So, put this brand in your favourite checklist ladies, you won't regret it!


 Just a simple demonstration here, on my signature eyeliner for daily look.
If you would like to re-create this look, prep your face with your basic such as powder/foundation/BB cream or whatever is your preference. Fresh color of blush on your cheek. Keep your eyebrow neat and nicely done. And.. start drawing the eyeliner from the inside towards outside of your eyes..

Can you see the difference?
Left eyes is with the eyeliner and the right side's is without.
 I know drawing an eyeliner is never easy, but keep practice..you will get the steady hand you need :)

So, yeah..'till next time :)

And oh, for those that follow me in Instagram (@eldiona) and have been asking me if I am ok now..thank you for the concern! I am feeling better and never this better before. I finally back on track - only going to a different destination :)

I have made up my mind to get the happiness out of my new job as full time Mommy.
Wish me all the best.

PS: This photo taken when I was 5 kgs heavier than I am now :P
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June 25, 2014

How to create powerful make up with simple items?

Hello ladies!

I am sharing up my little guidance especially for you who standing in front of make up counter and wondering what to buy to create a powerful make up. You can actually stock up many foundations, blushes, eye shadows and as much lipsticks as you like - but if you are not that kind of person, I hope i can share my basic tips on getting make up stuff.

Let's start this, shall we?
Oh, this is how I look like without make up:

Sometimes, I want to create my right side look for a business meeting, event, or maybe my son's friend birthday party. You know, just to avoid the " just wake up " look on my face :)

and on the other time I am loving a glamours look for a date night with le hubby. 

But If you are not fancy a strong eye make up, you can always go for a casual look and tone down the lower liner..Just like my daily look as below. 

Too troublesome for make up? Don't close my blog just yet, because I am going to ask you if you know that actually with just using 6 make up items, you are pretty much good to go?

As simple as this 6 basic items:
1. BB cushion/Pressed powder
2. Eyebrow pencil
3. Cheek tint
4. Faux lashes
5. Soft colour lipstick
6. Eyebrow powder

Another secret to create a bigger eye illusion is by using a circle lens - I am using Freshkon in grey.
The other key element for a bigger eyes is faux lashes. I am using one of my favourite brand - Starlash in DB 31 to create the look. 

But before sticking the lashes, I like to start my make up by drawing my eyebrow.
I am using both, pencil and eyebrow powder to define eyebrow.

One easy trick to draw eyebrow is to draw the outer shape according to you preference, then fill it up using the eyebrow powder. 
Then I stick the faux lashes continue with applying my ETUDE Magic BB cushion as my make up base.
You can read more about this product on my previous review -> HERE

As for the cheek and for the super long lasting cheek tint, please go for Estee Lauder in Hot fuse.

This is one of my favourite cheek tint and i recommend this to so many people around, because it just that good.

For the eyeshadow, go for basic earth tone if you are not sure what to get as the first timer.
I recommend Jane Iredale Magic Hour collection eye shadow in trio golds.

In this look, I am just using single color - the right side beige color on my eye lid.
Can you see how smooth and pigmented is the color? I don't have to even blend it with brush, am just using my finger tip :)

The lips - I go light with a soft pink hue from Candy Doll collection.
This is a Japanese brand that I recently bought during my trip to Tokyo.

If you love bold and strong looking eyes..add on a solid black eyeliner on your lower liner.
It will create a dramatic effect on your eyes - although I must say that this may not suitable for daily look and not everyone could carry the look. So, apply the black liner wisely, yeah?

I recommend Make Up Forever Aqua black eye liner.
It's waterproof and it stays on the waterline as well.

Next tips, still with the 6 basic items + 1 black eyeliner ..and you want to create a glamour diva look?

Easy - pick a hot red lipstick to complete the basic make up collection and you are pretty much good.
You can play around with the basic look..and spice up your look with just the red lippy :)

I am still using the same make up, the difference is only at lip color.
See how one bold red lips could change the whole look?

Using Bobbi Brown in Old Hollywood 2
I hope this tips could be useful and if you have questions on make up or some tutorial request..you know how to reach me!

'Till next time :)

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June 21, 2014

Ga usah book saya tante.

Baru pertama kali gw bikin blog post perlu disclamer begini.
Ok, fine - for those yang ngerasa aduh ni MUA kacangan aja sok banget sih pake ngomel ngomel di blog soal calon clientnya, aku terima makian mu. Tapi besok besok, jangan balik ke blog ini lagi dan ngintip si MUA kacangan ini lagi ngomongin apa ya! - because it will just show that you actually enjoying what I wrote and somehow you just want more pieces about me. That is one.

Secondly, AM i being arrogant by writing like this? NO.
I am being confident on my skill and the number that I think fit to represent my skill.
It just happened that I am a blogger and I can throw what I feel on my blog.
My professional attitude has nothing to do with my blogging life.

You can ask all my previous client, my partner photographers, my make up buddies - if I EVER behave unpleasant towards my client? Hell No.

I can understand if clients bargain, that is totally understandable - and it's a normal practice.
But what is not acceptable is when client is starting to insult the skill to get a cheaper rate. That is really low.
 If you are happened to be this type, it's ok if you are not engaging my service - karena gw berasa kalo client to be uda ga rela buat bayar vendornya, pasti ujung2nya ada yang ga happy. Either client merasa ga worth it bayar X amount, or si vendor yang merasa di bully. Let's just not waste each other time, shall we?

There must be a reason you are hiring a Make Up Artist in the first place, right?
Let's just put it as a gesture for not ruining the MUA's mood.
He or she is about to paint on canvas, you know - how mood plays a big role on arts?

Thirdly, for those yang feel offended karena blog post ini.
I half apologize, partly because yes, I might wrong for sharing about my experience as MUA for the unpleasant treatment from potential client - and I hope whoever we are and what kind of service we are about to engaged in the future, we can be less annoying customer - because you are about getting what you pay for. On the other part, I don't understand why you should be mad about my post...unless..you are...
- never mind -

So yeah..

Dah lama ya gw ga cerita soal customer aneh yang pernah mencoba jadi client make up gw?

Dulu gw pernah nulis tipe tipe customer yang pernah gw dapet, trus berapa lamaa ga nongol lagi tuh yang aneh, sampe kemaren ini gw ketemu tipe yang layak gw ngomongin di blog :P Abis aneh banget seh!

Gw sampe nulis status di facebook: 

 " Dear my make up customer to be, no! You don't suggest me MY rate according to how much job YOU think i will be doing. Book me if you think you can afford it. Or just go for the less experienced one - and settle it with the number you are comfortable with "

Gara-garanya dateng ni satu mbak, tilpun gw di hari kamis..dia bilang " May i speak with Elrica? " - karena nomornya gw ga kenel gw tanya dong " May i know what is this regarding? " kan males banget ngelayanin orang orang kartu credit ato ga orang orang yang nawarin loan. Ternyata dia mo nanya make up, ya sok..mari apa yang bisa saya bantu?

Trus dia mulai dengan bilang, saya tau kamu dari si A dan saya mau tau kamu bisa ga dandanin saya Sabtu ini jam segini. Gw langsung bilang " hari ini kemis, dan Sabtu ini saya udah di book out untuk wedding. ", gw pikir dia bakal bilang " oh ya uda thank you yah! " trus matiin telponnya,
Ternyata ga loh, dia malah bilang " saya tau sabtu ini hari baik, dan saya make up nya ber 4 loh..kamu bisa? ", duh gw paling ga demen di-iming iming dengan " banyak loh yang make up " , kalo gw bisa ya bisa, kalo gw ga bisa ya ga bisa. Gw bilang " no, I can't. I have a bride to do ".

Udah dong ya?

Engga loh! Si mbak ini malah mulai nanyain gw pertanyaan yang annoying. Dia nanya:
Mbak:  Rate kamu berapa ya?
Gw: SGD xxx
M: Hah? gw bukan bride loh, masak segitu?
G: oh, bride mah bukan segitu..bride itu rate nya $XXX
M: Oh, itu sepanjang hari kamu temenin bridenya dan malem kamu hapus lagi mukanya?
G: Nope! pagi make up. nanti sorenya aku balik lagi buat touch up.
M: Mana bagus make up kalo uda lebih dari 6 jam?
G: Mine could last really long.
M: Really?
G: ya.

-*Nadanya itu loh..salah banget di kuping *

- Yeee, make up situ mungkin ga tahan..tapi make up akuh tahan kok sampe lebih dr 8 jam.-
Dan gw uda mulai sebel kalo orang yang model gini, kalo mo deal, yuk deal...kalo engga, ya sudah.

Setelah selesai nelpon sama mbak ini, gw tanya sama temen yang refer gw ke dia..katanya pas dia liat portfolio gw, dia langsung bilang " OK, i want her! "

Kalo mau kok begitu mbak ngajak ngomongnya ? :P

Lalu yah, dia nanya lagi:

M: kalo gw ada 4 orang make up, berapa harganya?
G: 3 orang ke atas, di $xxx
M: Oh, lu itung per kepala ya? bukan per sekali dateng?
G: (mo pengsan) Of course per person!
M: Can you just charge $xx
G: No. sorry.
M: But very simple one, not bride make up.
G: sorry, that's not my range.

Bujubuneng, pertama kali gw ditanya apa gw make up per orang ato per sekali dateng..hahaha, borongan mbak ceritanya? trus ditawar dengan alesan make up nya cuman simple doang. Lu mo make up heboh ato cuman kayak kena kitik kitik kuas - fee kita bukan situ yang nentuin jeung! Waktu gw, ongkos transport gw kan ga bisa di simplify jeung. Gw ga bisa bilang ke abang taxi supaya murahin ongkosnya karena client cuman mo make up simple kan?

Jadi mbok ya kalo mo nawar, jangan pake alesan:

1. Make up nya simple doang kok
2. Rambut nya pendek banget loh
3. Ga usah pake foundation kok, jd bisa lebih murah dong ya?
4. Ga mo pake bulumata
5. Kita kan dari Indo - SGD lagi mahal ne! -> urusan loe.

Intinya, bukan hak si customer nentuin berapa fee MUA.
Kita nge-charge juga ga berdasarkan cakep ato engga nya situ kan?
Ibaratnya situ diapanggil interview, bawa CV apply ke perusahaan..setelah interview ngobrol2 dan pas sampe ditanya berapa expected gaji dan bilang XXX trus di perusahaan bilang " EH situ pantesnya cuma X, masa minta gaji XXX sih! " sedih ga kalo digituin?

Kan at point pasti bisa ngomong:
Loe can afford it, loe bayar..loe mau, ya hayuk!
Jangan mau service, ga mo bayarnya.

Ada barang, ada rupa.
Ga semua orang bisa merubah upik abu menjadi nona apik loh :)
Dan aku bisa :)


NB: Gimana caranya aku bikin muka before ke after? tungguin di post mendatang!
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June 19, 2014

Virgin trip to Japan

Super late post! Tapi bakal tetep aye pajang :)

I LOVE JAPAN and definitely my virgin trip worth every cents of it!
Me and Mr. booked Japan Airlines and it cost us around SGD700/pax for a return flight.
Japan airlines service is awesome! To my surprise, it's better than Singapore Airlines.

We took night flight and were so excited to start our trip!

Upon landing in Haneda, I was overwhelmed by the technology in this city.
My first encounter was toilet bowl :)

Kayak, ini negara kok toiletnya canggih amat ya?
Ada semprotan plus angin buat keringin pantat pula..- walo agak agak jijik sih ngebayangin hawa toilet bowl tertiup ke arah pantat - tapi tetep berasa, keren amat ni WC. trus trus ada just tombol suara flush..haha! Just in case, sakit perut dan mo ngeBOM tapi ga enak kan sama cubicle sebelah..nah situ pencet deh tombol inih!

Unlike Singapore where you pretty much just need EZ-link card to travel by MRT and bus, in Japan they have few passes for you to use to travel. I am not sure which card to buy, so we decided to use PASMO card that works on all train and buses, and you just need to top it up when the credit is finished.

Everything in Japan is in JAPANESE.
Literally almost EVERYTHING. Except few touristy places and train stops.
Even the Air Conditioner is in Japanese. Gemana seh? mo atur suhu aja sampe rempong -_-''

Lalu..di Jepun aku notice, di station gede yang bakal jadi pusat bus bus ato train laen ke luar kota..mereka nyediain locker buat titip koper. Tinggal masukin koin, kunci dan kau siap pergi lah..sana maen maen sehari 2 hari, pulang, ambil lagi kopermu dan lanjooot travel tokyo lagi.

1st day kita nyampe,kita ke Shinjuku..

dan nyari property camera di BIC camera.
Service nya dong ah, luar biasaaaaaa...dan bener bener customer is the King, tapi bedanya..kalo di Indo or Sg kadang customernya songong mampus kan ya? disini, customer yang beli beli juga pada sopaaaannya luar biasa. Ga biasa gw jadinya.

Batere aja cantik ^^
Trus kesan pertama eke terhadap ini negara adalah..negara vending machine.
It's like all over the corner lu bisa ketemu vending machine.
Mulai dari minuman, makanan, rokok, sampe maenan maenan ga jelas juga semuanya ada vending machinenya.

Kelar dari Shinjuku, kita cuman muter muter ke Ginza sebentar mo liat kayak gimana sih yang kata orang so called - Orchard nya Tokyo :)
Yang ternyata, biasa aja yah..malah menurut gw lebih mewah and grand-an Singapore dibanding Tokyo. Cuman, orangnya aja yang sumpe baek baek banget dibanding Singapore. Kayak karena gw katro ngeliat ngeliat kanan kiri, gw ga sengaja nubruk orang dong..tapi malah orangnya yang bilang " sumimasen " ke gw, kalo di SG..gw udah di " Ck Ck Tsk " dengan kenceng kali ma orang sini.

Pas uda bisa check in, kita ke hotel yang bakal kita tinggal selama 5 hari pertama di Tokyo
Nama hotelnya:

APA Hotel Tsukiji-Eki-Minami 

 7-10, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku Tokyo, Tokyo-to, Japan, ‎800 1205131 (Singapore Toll Free) +1-817-524-0058 (From abroad)

I DO NOT RECOMMEND this hotel!
The bed is WAY too soft, The room is smoking room, and the worst of all.. It's so freaking small! 
kaget banget loh gw..kamar hotelnya cuman seiprit kecil dan beneran untuk 2 orang plus koper aja udah sesek parah.

Anyway, kelar check in dan kecewa sama hotelnya..kita keluar dan ke daerah Roponggi untuk ngeliat deretan sakura lighting :)

Sampe sana..jeng jeng..Sakura tak ada, lightingnya pun tak ada..Huuu! kecewa!
 Liat pohon sakuranya dah botak begini T_T

Akhirnya kita cuman moto moto aja sambil cari tempat makan.

Tapi entah kenapa hari itu ga hoki banget, kita akhirnya dinner di McDonald dong sodara sodara..niatnya mo nyari burger sakura, dah abis kata mbak-nya. Akhirnya, gw cuman dapet minuman soda rasa sakura (gimana rasanya Sakura? biasa aja! cuman kayak cherry drink plus aroma vanili). B banget.

Pas eke pergi, itu lagi moment nya Sakura, jadi semua muanya itu Sakura theme :)
Even Haagen Dazs aja rasa Sakura - dan ini OMG super yummy!

One thing yang gw amazed banget sama Jepang itu buah buahanya dong, ini stroberi aja rasanya bisa maniz mampus! Coba kalo di SG ada stroberi gini..gw mo deh makan saban hari.

2nd Day, kita ke Tsukiji fish market + Toyota Museum

This place so called the biggest fish market in the world.
Pagi pagi bener kita dah sampe ni pasar buat breakfast sushi, jam 6 kurang gw uda jalan dari hotel, untuk ketemuan sama boss gw buat sarapan bareng. Boss gw ini seumur gw dan more to friend than a boss sih.
Jadinya masi mending lah ya :)

Ada 2 sushi yang terkenal banget di pasar ini,  Daiwa Sushi sama Sushi Dai.
Gw ke yang less crowded, tapi gw beneran lupa itu Daiwa ato Dai. Tempatnya kecil ajeeee!
Cuman muat less than 15 tamu gitu. Tapi emang itu sushi sih enak nya sampe kayak Food Orgasm dah.

Kita ambil pake sushi yang harganya Yen 3500 ato sekitar USD 35.
Isinya ampir semuanya gitu..dan I would say ini sushi ter worth it yang pernah gw makan.

Ada Ebi, Fatty tuna..

Sea Urchin

Telor Salmon, Tuna sama Salmon maki

Ga tau ini apa..ahhaha..

Liliput Clam soup




Dan karena space nya itu kecil be'eng, kita tuh langsung keluar sekelarnya kita makan, karena diluar orang nunggunya uda ajubileeee panjangnya. Kita aja yang nyampe jam 6 pagi ngantrinya 1 jam loh baru bisa masuk. Agak kapok gw dingin menggigil gitu ngantri demi sushi. :P

Kelar makan sushi baru jam 7.30an dong..akhirnya kita muter muter pasar ala emak emak.
Dan jiwa emak emak gw kuar dong..gw ingin masak! Hahahha..semuanya fresh dan menggiurkan gitu.

Oh, ini daging ikan paus..cantik yah warnanya :)

Ini segala macem seafood yang dijual di salah satu toko :)

Dan para abang abang ini makan oyster yang sebiji 400 Yen dan 700 Yen, gedenya semana? se telepak tangan aje. 

Kelar makan sushi dan berpenampilan upik abu, gw balik ke hotel beresan, dandan dan berubah jadi nona cantik :) Mikirnya mo seharian jalan jalan, jangan sampe photo jepun aye kayak mbak bangun tidur lah ya se-engganya. :P


Dan kami pun siap cabcus ke tempat wisata laennya.
Sejak punya Ethan, jarang banget deh gw bisa jalan sante sante berdua sama abang..karena biasa kita sibuk beresin Ethan-nya daripada diri sendiri. Tapi di Trip ini gw berasa single kembali, cuman kok ya..gw dah ga se-enjoy dulu..saban liat anak kecil or baby orang, gw mikirin Ethan melulu.

Next stop, kita ke museum Toyota - bukan tempat favourite gw , kita kemari karena si Abang Arip..ingin test drive salah satu mobil sport yang entah apa gw juga uda lupa modelnya. Tapi surprisingly, it's quite interesting sih..kita boleh test drive mobil bayar around USD 3 buat 2 puteran :)

Di tempat ini juga banyak yang special edition car kayak Harrier mirror gini..

Dan oh, gw bikin trip ini pake apps video, coba liat deh.. hasilnya mayan yah?

3rd Day, Shinjuku Gyon and Meiji Shringe

Karena kita tinggal di deket pasar tsukiji..kita liat ada tukang bakmie yang jualan di pinggir jalan..kita pesen dengan modal tunjuk dan datanglah ini ramen Chasiu. Tapi kok harganya ga harga pinggir jalan ya? Kita bayar USD 9 jek buat mie semangkok.

Kelar makan, ya sudah jalaaan lagi yang ujibileh jauh banget ya jalanan jepang..ke Shinjuku Park - ini taman tempat Sakura nya masi pada blooming. Kita sih sial aje, pesen tiket di week yang harusnya Sakura blooming - eh taon ini dong, sepanjang history..sakuran bloom nya kecepetan 2 minggu.

Tapi untung masi bisa liat, pegang2, poto2 bunganya :)
Masi sempet Hanami-an lagi (piknik di bawah puun sakura ceritanya)

Shinjuku Gyon menurut gw taman yang cakep aje! Dan hari itu cerah banget lagi..jadi bener bener perfect day buat ke taman.

Halah, abaikan photo ini - tiba tiba pas gw lagi mo selfie..dapet flare itu dong dan ga pake editan..langsung lah gw selfie banyak banget :P Kapan lagi coba?

 Oh ini si abang, yang entah kenapa selama di Jepang..ampir tiap hari makan onigiri jek!
Kemana mana nenteng onigiri, menurut gw biasa aja rasanya..although ampir semua yang gw makan di jepang enak semua lah ya. Tapi entah mengapa si abang, napsu bener sama onigiri ini.

Ini kita lagi Hanami-an :)

Dan tentunya ga lupa photo sepanjang jalan kenangan pake mak mak jepang berpayung sebagai latar.

Kelar dari sana, kita ke Meiji Shringe..buat gw, ini tempat biasa aja.
Ga jelek, tapi not my favourite..soalnya mungkin gw abis keki keki an sama si bang Arip pas kita kemari.

One thing yang menarik, pas kita disana lagi ada kawinan ala Shinto :)
Kimono familynya bagus, aku ingin.

Sekian edisi kali ini, dan bakal nyambung lagi :)
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