September 12, 2018

Hair Treatment at Midori Salon - Novena

One thing I realized since I become a mom is I have less and less time to make myself feel and look good, but in the same time I know - I needed to feel and look good to be able to have that " yep - this will do " to step out of the house confidently and run my day. It's funny when I posted my experience in Midori Salon - Novena in my IG stories (@eldiona) sometimes ago, I received plenty of message and comments from Mommies in Singapore on how this Japanese Salon actually their go to salon for their routine hair treatment. Honestly, I know why they pick this place..

First of all, the location is conveniently located at Novena. Is at 238 Thomson Road #03-43/44 Velocity @ Novena Square Singapore 307683 to be exact. Basically, you hop out at Novena Station, take escalator up the the 3rd floor of Novena Square and you will see this Salon.

This is the reception area. It's pretty serene and quiet for Friday morning when I was there. There were customers enjoying their treatment with a gentle conversation with the stylist. I like the ambiance. It's peaceful.

Yuan - my stylist of the day greeted me and checked my hair condition to pick the right treatment for my hair. Because I was like 30 weeks pregnant, we decided to choose the treatment that is safe for my scalp and hair. I love the fact that they care, instead of pushing me to do all hair perm or sort of highly chemical kind of treatment. This win brownie point in my eyes. :)

We decided to go with Nano treatment for my hair, which basically applying treatment with nano spray that let my hair absorbing all the nutrients. 

Yuan applying the treatment patiently, section by section to ensure all part of hair gets what it needs. Then leave it for around 15-20 mins under the nano spray to work it's magic.

Can you see the nano spray steam?
Meanwhile, he gave me the BEST neck massage I ever had! I was in Japan for 10 days before I went for the treatment, and really - neck massage is what I need. Head on to my IG (@eldiona) and go to " Midori Salon " highlight section to see what I'm talking about. 

Then we off to the washing and blow drying session. 

No auntie style here! It's fresh, young and very up to date style I got from Yuan. The last thing I want is to leave Salon looking like auntie with tight curl! Thank goodness, we will not get this from Midori Salon. 

I highly recommend Yuan as my and your stylist. He listen to what I want and he gives the best suggestion that fit to what my hair needs. Here is the price list for you to consider, but for me - I will definitely come back in a heartbeat.

Enjoy your treatment :)

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