February 25, 2017

K-Beauty review - CLIO Kill Cover

My February K-beauty picks! 

Gonna be quick on this one!
K-beauty is surely taking the globe by storm on a strong and serious influence of anything dewy, natural looking face and lips gradation. I mean, what not to love -  look at those dewy face and youthful skin? I, myself is k-beauty lover and I just can't understand why it is so hard not to look at k-beauty trend, especially those silky dewy not over the top complexion they have! It's.That. Hard.

Anyway, am start exploring the K-brand BB cushion range and landed on this " Clio " brand. I have tried their product on sponsored post years back, and omg - they keep coming back with awesome products. 

This time round, it's their so called "Kill Cover" BB Cushion.

I'm using shade no 3 - Linen. My skin is NC 25 on MAC and this suit the shade just nice. But I do feel like, this BB cushion is not going to suit olive or darker skin tone. It has a high glow in pale beige undertone. Definitely suits Asian skin tone and maybe any skin tone between NC 15 - NC 30?

The texture is HIGHLY PIGMENTED - A little goes a long way -
It's easy to blend on moisturised skin, just remember to prep up your skin before applying this BB cushion. I applied my 10 Korean Skincare steps and it works wonder.

The Con:

In the humid weather, this cushion could be pretty tricky - it takes quite a bit of time to dry up.
I would say this is quite a down side for this product, because clearly I would want that dewy effect to stay without the initial stickiness, but i have 10 mins in the morning to do my face and i don't have that bloody time to fan my face dry.

I supposed you can seal this with loose powder, but I don't like the effect with a coat of loose powder.
So, I normally - apply everything at home, drive to the office and final touch up my face in office bathroom. This solve my problem :)

Will I re-purchase this? DEFINITELY!
NZD 45 comes with a refill sounds very reasonable for me. 

Anyhoo, gotta go and will be back for more beauty story :)
And oh, my pic here is with the BB cushion! 


  1. looks great, the name promising a great coverage lol :D


    1. True! Hahahha..
      The coverage is indeed pretty!

  2. wow! nice review! I like Korean makeup brand too. :)


  3. Keliatannya cuhsionnya bagus ya :D


  4. boleh lah ntar aku melipir ke watson! btw, arip tetep yaa nongol itu ;)


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