December 29, 2016

Beautiful December

Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone!
Selamat natal dan tahun baru for all readers in Indonesia and Singapore!
Thank you for always supporting me. Am so grateful for all kind words and ever going support from you guys. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year ahead!

There will be no resolution this year, as I have come to make peace with myself that I can never hit my resolution goal that I set years ago, which was losing weight. My weight scale hitting the highest ever in my non pregnant stage. So, I am feeling depress now. LOL!

A little update on us, we spent our 2nd Christmas since our moving to New Zealand - and I start feeling like home. It's definitely a different kind of life, but it's not too bad. 2016 is a good year for us as family. Heaps of up and down, cry a lot and laugh too much! LOL. But all in all, we are grateful that we have friends that treat us like family.

Little Ethan had lotsa fun decorating the tree, and literally putting pretty much most of the ornaments at the bottom of the tree, because ornaments need to "hang". He's been singing Jingle Bell in a very weird wording, and everyday, he is eye-ing for those candies under the tree.

- Am going to write in Bahasa Indonesia for my readers in Indonesia. -
Cepet banget yah, udah akhir taon lagi! Kita bakalan bikin little BBQ di rumah buat Christmas and bakalan nangkep kepiting lagi pas taon baru. Semoga cuaca bagus. Ini harusnya summer di Auckland sekarang, tapi kok ya masi anginan, 18 derajat, en suka ujan pula. Repot banget kuar masukin jemuran - nasib mak mak banget yah? hahaha.

Gw berasa super sibuk banget December ini, mulai dari daycare party nya Ethan, potong rambut, rapi rapi rumah, siapin menu Xmas dinner, beli beli kado yang bujubuneng disini adatnya rame bener kalo Christmas! And taon ini gw dapet beautiful gift dr direct manager gw.. - so sweet ya -

and to close my 2016 blog post..I just want to say have a safe New Year, do not drink and drive - and let us all have exciting 2017!


  1. Merry Chritsmas!!!!! Ah lo mah walopun bb nya naek ttp keliatan gorgeous dan stunning, El. G nih, juga lagi gendat banget. And kalo foto bareng temen-temen g berasa foto pembokat sama juragan (g pembokatnya. Hueeeee...) on Beautiful December!
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    on 12/29/16

    Fen, gw ga tau kenapa ga bisa keluar commentnya :(
    Tapi sungguh kali ini Bb gw ajubileh ampun ampun..cuman muka aja yg masi bisa dipoles mulu.

  2. Hi Elricaa.. Salam kenal. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ya

  3. Merry Christmas and happy new year too ya.
    Cantik bgt senyumnya :-)

  4. Cantik senyumnya :-)
    Mery Christmas & happy new year too

  5. cantik senyumnya :-)
    Merry christmas and Happy New year too.

  6. Hope you have a stunning 2017, along with your family! :D

    Sweet banget direct manager-nya Ci~ mau dong punya manager kya dia hahaha

  7. Iyah! Dia awesome banget deh..i'm lucky to have her :)


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