December 13, 2015

Our first Xmas 2015 party in Auckland!

This place is definitely merrier when December has arrived!
Feast after feast, prezzie exchange, and get together seems so easy to arrange, I am loving the feeling of Christmas :)

We had our first Christmas party weeks ago at one of our friend's house. It was a blast, kiddos playing happily except when it comes to prezzie exchange time. He turned bad mood in a click, and in koala mode on me. 

Nemplok aje man ni si Ethan, pake acara merem pura pura tidur lagi. LOL - kayaknya logicnya tuh, if I just close my eyes, everything will be ok. Andei idup begitu tong, hahaha.  

After few moment, he finally start opening his eyes - without moving his sitting position tho. I would say this is one of the cutest moment of him! 

Ini mengapa ya dia ga mo turun sama sekali dong, beneran nemplok pol. Dan hari itu gw pake stressed jeans yang rerombengan, kl berlutut lama lama, gw takut serat jenas yang di lutut putus euy. Teteup ya mak nye? hahaha.

Have a great December guys, it's 12 more sleeps to the Christmas day!

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  1. hihihihihi aku juga pernah pake ripped jeans, dan bolongannya tepat di lutut..pas lagi jongkok ngambil bola2an anakku. robek panjang dong itu jeansnya di daerah lututnyaa...jd kaga lucu lagi deh celananya..hahahaha ..;p

    Btw, selalu seneng ya kalo ada acara kumpul gini ama temen2..;)

  2. Iyah, seneng banget yah acara kumpul kumpulan gini :)
    Dan he eh, bete yo kl celana stressed gini talinya putus! Hahaha


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