November 22, 2014

[Hotel Review] Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda

As you guys already know, I just recently came back from Japan and I stayed in awesome business hotel at Haneda Airport.

 Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda

To me, this is a simple straight forward hotel with a top notch service in a great location.

The concept of Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda is aviator.
Everything is based on Aeroplane, globe, and travel..which is make sense, because the location of the hotel is at Haneda airport.

My first impression of the lobby is very much about lifestyle, that creates stories about time, travel, and togetherness. Not very much on classy renaissance design, but very elegant in a glance.

The hallway reminds me of the road, journey that has no end. It's so awesome on how they incorporated the design according to the theme, yea?

This is their gorgeous suite :)
and as you can see they incorporate the travelling idea into the decoration, like globes over the wall and the center piece of the table too.
I like consistency :)

Isn't beautiful?

Below here is the room I stayed.
I must say I enjoyed my stay at the Double Room.

It's new, clean, and pretty spacious for Japan standard.
It's enough for me to unpack my two luggage comfortably. :) 

My highlight for the room is the bed and pillow. I am very particular when it comes to the luxury of sleep. By luxury, i mean quality of sleep. My bed need to be firm enough, but not too hard that it sore my back, and my pillow need to be as comfortable as home. In Royal Park Hotel- The Haneda, all checklist are ticked.

The rest of the things in the room is pretty simple and as what I expected.
Amenities are provided-but no sewing kit in it, the towels are changed daily, and so does the cotton bud. But do notice, they don't provide mineral water in the room unlike hotel in other countries, so I bought mine at 7-11 in the terminal.

 Like I said, they do have complete amenities for your stay, so not to worry if you left your toothbrush at home.

Next, The breakfast selection.

I picked my Japanese breakfast to start my day, it's light, healthy and not the typical breakfast I would get in Singapore, of course. Instead of Kaya toast, cereal or Bak Chor mee like my breakfast, I think I really enjoyed the salmon, tamago, the japanese kind of siumay, and the tofu with shredded daikon on top. 

I enjoyed it to the bit, leaving me feeling happy and healthy.

For those who fancy western kind of breakfast, worry not, because they have a wide range for you to choose as well.

But to me, the highlight is the Japanese breakfast as the following below:

The range of the breakfast buffet is pretty complete. I believe,  all guest surely leave this place with a happy tummy like I do.


On the 3rd day, I started my day with delicious tea time by Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda.
It's just a perfect day to have an afternoon tea. Me and le hubby enjoyed the moment and every serving of the lovely canapes :)

The sandwiches.

The sweet treat :)

The scones

The happy Elrica in The Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda

I will surely consider to stay in Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda again when I visited Japan again.
Especially if I am on short transit before heading to next destination, this hotel is perfect.

If you are feeling lazy by just thinking of dragging your suitcase all the way from Haneda to city, you know you need to stay in this hotel.

I recommend it.

you can book your stay HERE.

you are welcome!

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  1. Bagus ya hotel nya ric. Bfast nya juga keliatannya Ok...

  2. Hi,

    I've been their hotel in Kyoto earlier this year, their facilities and service were quite good at all


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