November 22, 2014

[Beauty Review] Fleur De Mer products joining my favourite buckets!
It's Fleur De Mer ladies, and I think you need to know why I instantly hooked by this brand when I first tried it in Tokyo, during my meeting with the lovely people at Fleur De Mer Japan.

Fleur De Mer, originated from France, is the Amazing Osmosis as result of 30 years research!
They conduct the test using the moisture meter on every applicant, and the result shown that the hydration level boost up, up to 140% with this product!

It's like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? right?

Because I myself, tried it, and I was amazed by the hydration effect on my skin.
It's unbelievable. Even by just trying the sample size for around 3 days, I can already feel the moisture lock in my skin, I wonder how awesome it will be if I use it in the long run?

I am not surprised by the response of media attention, most of them who tried it, loves it and they become a loyal user of the brand. Maybe you will too :)

Apart from the hydration effect, for those who has oily skin and worry that some cream will oxidize and cause a darker skin tone after few hours, fear not - this is as good as you first apply it, even after a good 8 hours.

Take a look on what people think about this brand:

Try it, so you can believe it! and when you do, don't miss this Cosme winning eye gel that works wonder on the eyes.

For youthful looking eyes without dryness, dark circles, or under-eye puffiness. Pelvetia canaliculata and guarana seed extracts result in firm, bright skin around the eyes.
First place in @cosme users’ product ranking: eye care & eye cream category 
In a customer survey (sample size of 80), 93% responded positively that they had experienced an effect on skin tightness and wrinkles. 
Gel-type formula, will not cause eye makeup to crease or run.
Contains guarana seed extract, promoting circulation and brightness in the eye area.
Contains pelvetia canaliculata extract, an oceanic plant which encourages the production of collagen and proteoglycan, preventing small wrinkles and slackness of the skin.
Do check the whole range out and HERE is the link for your purchase!
Believe me, you need to try it. 

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