April 14, 2010

Dear God...

Are u busy?

I just wanna say thank you for Your answer..
U know how much i want it rite?
Or .. Maybe U know how much i need it..

Anyway, it is such a great news i got today..and it's all only by Ur grace..
I always believe U handle me in a special way..but i dunno why am i so special in Ur eyes?

God, sumtimes i doubt U..i'm sorry..
I promise, i will learn to be patient just like U said " everything beautiful in My time " and " its all only for My glory "

i got it God..

Once again, thank you..

For the answer U gave on my birthday and today..

U are awesome!


  1. wow.. great news apa nih el? congrats ya ^^

  2. ultah ya lu?
    happy bday!! wish u all the best..

  3. @ pucca: pass kerja gw ud di approved renewalnya..
    @ kartika: engga..beday nya uda lewat..
    @ adin: gw kaga hamil yeh!!!

  4. yup.. God is good all the time... :)

  5. oh ho ho ho ho ho...
    oh ho ho ho ho ho..

    oh ho ho ho ho....

    senang ...

  6. waaaaaaaaa......congratulation yah el!!! God is good yahh!! El, napa ga coba apply PR aja el?

  7. Wow congrats buat work passnya! :)

  8. @belzy: waktu itu apply tp ditolak bel..^^

  9. God is good all the time and all the time..God is good

  10. huahhh berita apaan nich ?! jangan2 bentar lagi ada yang mau sebar undangan wedding hahahaha...
    eh ultah !? kapan ultahnya hari ini ?! happy b'day yah wish u all the best ^^

  11. tadinya gw kira great news nya lu dilamar n mo segera merit? hehehehe...

    tapi news yang ini jg great koq ^_^
    layak untuk dicongratin *halah bahasa apa ini gw* congratz yaaa el :)

  12. @pitshu en cyntha: amin amin..semoga berita yang itu juga segera..hahhaha


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