November 13, 2016

The Good Home - Mt. Eden

Not a restaurant review, but if you would need a suggestion on where to go for the weekend lunch..I recommend The good Home - Mt. Eden. That's the address, right there. 37 Normanby Rd, Mt. Eden.

As you guys know, I pretty much cook at home and change a little of our lifestyle (and save a lot) by not eating out that often. But every now and then, we enjoy going out as family and just a have one good afternoon talking to each other (without phone down, clearly - in my case) and enjoying a little sun.


Le Mr took us to this place and oh boy oh my, we love it!

Let's start with ambiance! What we love the most about this place is the cozy feeling we experienced the moment we stepped in to the indoor dining area. All woody with bits and pieces of semi industrial interior across the huge room.

And when you walk in to the left hand side, there was this semi outdoor dining area that meant for family with kids. 


Take a look on how thoughtful the placement of toys and activities for the little one. They even have those small chair and table for the kids. Super love the dining place that are kids friendly. At least in this place, I won't feel embarrassed if they want to cry or decided to show off some tantrum. :P

The food was good with generous portion! I ordered seafood chowder and OMG, supaaa yummy! Le Mr's steak sandwich was good, although not as good as he remembered, though. :/


This is us! Finally hitting a year living in New Zealand. 
If we were to look back and see how the things go for us, we definitely would say it was ONE HUGE blessing, indeed. We got a place, we easily got a good job, and Ethan is settling really well with plenty of space to run around. We are blessed with many good friends and really amazed on how God place everything perfectly. We had, i mean mostly I had a down stage in my life throughout the year, but today - I am loving every bits of the new life we have here.

We grow so much as couple during the one year, we worked together as team to reach the financial freedom we want and the beautiful retirement that we already start planning. These were not even in our conversation 2 years ago. I am grateful for him and this marriage that we always work on. Our marriage was in a bad shape couple of months ago, and I learn that marriage is best to stay as Husband and Wife. Put aside the families, extended families, and those who know nothing about your relation and decided to judge and talk about it in front of others family member. 

Just remember, no one ever have the right to make u feel small, unwanted, and losing your confidence. For me, I got painful experiences with uncle and auntie that has a habit of "biting" people, but when it's their turn to get "bite" - they got very offended! Say what?

But oh well, we can never control what other people do, but we can choose to react positively, and continue life without their remarks. So I choose to ignore, stay away from them, and building my little life with BIG happiness.

..and taking our little steps to a better tomorrow, as family.


  1. Bagus tempatnya....

    Wah cepet ya ric udh setaun disana... Betah keliatannya ya hehehe

  2. Bener banget, El. Pikirin keluarga inti dulu, yang lain-lain mah cukup jadi sampingan aja dah! Kalo nggak enak didenger mending anggep angin lalu, sepoi sepoi lewat hahaha.


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