March 08, 2016

New Zealand Travel Destination: HOBBITON!

A home to hobbit, and a place to unlock the imagination of the middle earth.

Be ready for this amazing scenic 2 hours journey of the land of hobbit. I am serious when I say this, because I was constantly "Wow-ing" over the gorgeous details of this world known movie set. I am so blessed to get an opportunity living in New Zealand, and be able to see the beautiful scenery this country has to offer, and Hobbiton is really one of the place I'm so glad to spent my money on.

If you are travelling to Auckland and have 1 day to spare, I would suggest you find the local tour that can pick you up to go to this place. Easy google " Hobitton tour auckland " could give you list of day tour that cater to your schedule. As for me, we drove all the way from Auckland to Hobbiton! It was a bloody long trip especially with lil one being cranky most of the time. But, I guess it's worth it.

Take a look at the scenery that greeted me on that day!

And the sleepy lil one, sleeping on me like little Koala :)

Isn't this place amazing? We went to this place on December (which is summer in this part of the world.) and although the sun wasn't that bad during our trip, I would still suggest you guys to apply sunscreen, and bring your sunnies and cap. It could be pretty burning.

You can get your ticket HERE or buy directly at the ticketing area, which is a good idea as well just in case you running late. Overall, minus the cranky baby - I will give this place a 4.5/5 rating, where the 0.5 number goes to the nature of the place that are not accessible by disable. That would be great if one day, I don't know how they do it, but it will be accessible for the wheel chair-er. :)

Enjoy the sneak peak, and till the next travel destination in New Zealand!

I'm so amazed on the details!

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  1. Waaaah Hobbiton!! Bagus banget ya Ci El, beneran persis di film.. Relatif sepi kyknya ya? Gw paling suka tempat wisata yg sepi, berasa punya sendiri soalnya hahaha. Masuk ke bucket list deh nih, kebetulan emang belum pernah ke NZ juga, hopefully soon xD

    1. Come come!!
      Nanti kita ngopi ngopi cantik! :)

  2. Lucu ya tempat nya. Sepi banget pula ya. Jd bisa asik poto poto nya hehe

    1. Actually mayan rame sih, man. Cuman tempatnya juga luas gitu jd bisa moto moto ga ada background :)

      Ditambah lg orang sini baik, suka minggur ndiri :p

  3. El, Hobbuton ini boleh foto2 ya sekarang? Dulu kalau ga slaah gw baca ngga boleh ya? Apa gw salah ya? :D
    Eniwei...tempanya bagus banget :D di film aja keliatan bagus apalagi klo liat aslinya :D

    1. Dulu ga boleeee..abis pelemnya keluar, ni tempat dijadiin tempat wisata gitu..

    2. Dulu ga boleeee..abis pelemnya keluar, ni tempat dijadiin tempat wisata gitu..

  4. kalo versi Indonesia yang di Bandung ya mbak? :D

    new zealand masih dalam angan nih :(


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