January 02, 2016

Tips to feel good when you have " nothing to wear"..

..and you have to attend the wedding.

Fffttt, tough job, aye?

Sometimes ago, we were invited to friend's wedding in Auckland. For us, we are always feel honored for every invitation that come to our life, it is always nice to be remembered whenever people celebrating their happiest day. But like I said, I'm in the " I have nothing to wear " kind a stage - sounds familiar? and in the same time, although I know no one, I still want to look good and feel comfortable in what I'm wearing.

The first thing that came to my mind was:

Wear something safe

Whatever your definition of "safe" is - wear it. Weather it is a long maxi dress with nice neckline, little black dress, or the peplum dress to give some waist line, whatever it is - wear it.

For me, wearing something safe means dark color, medium length, and could hide my tummy after the dinner ^^, hell yea it is important. 

I bought this knee length dress from @Brandswelove -> check them out in IG for Indonesia and Singapore market. Loving the material, the cutting, and how the dress fit my body. They have lovely collection for you to choose, and the seller - Ms. Angie is really one lovely lady, too!

The wedding took place in one beautiful place up north in Matakana. It was a lovely place to tie the knot, the bride was stunning and the groom were as charming. Perfect day. Nice weather with a gentle breeze, by the side of little creek, and looks very green. I am lucky enough to not wear my pointy 5 inch heels to this place, or else I will be stuck in every step..so ladies, remember to:

Wear the right shoes!

Secara kita baru nyampe ni negara ya bok, dateng ke kondangan di New Zealand kok beda banget sama kawinan di Indo ato di SG yah? Ga ada ge-glam an lampu lampu, apalagi confetti di jeder pas wedding kiss..hahaha..disini kawinannya di samping danau, di sebelah farm orang, dan kawinnya di bawah pohon cantik..Tapi tetep, sah aja ya? 

Dan gw, yang bertambah gendut ini sering bener berasa, aduh gw ga ada baju neh buat pergi kondangan. Kalo di Indo, gw berasa pake dress batik cantik - I'm good. Dress batik gw rok nya lebar bener, ketiup angin model disini, yang ada saban menit gw sibuk kekep-in rok, ga deh - thank u. Gw share tips gini uda macam fashion guru yeh? padahal sendirinya juga masi kalang kabutan style in diri sendiri kalo ada acara gitu :P, cuman ini sekedar sharing yah..dari apa yg uda daku alamin.

The other thing that I think could really save us in dressing up is to choose:

The right material

Have you ever decided not to buy a dress because it looks cheapo? yes? Then remember the material, and don't wear those to the important event. I believe every single details matter in fashion, and material play a huge portion in it.

I love to pick something with classy material, a little stiff to define the shape and as wrinkle free as possible.

The last one: Wear the right make up

My personal signature make up is one bold eyeliner with nude lips. If you want to look good in camera, and make up isn't your thing, try this simple trick, it works. I always tell my client that whatever you put on your face, will be gone by 80% when the camera capture it. So if you are putting the "just enough" make up you see in the mirror, be ready to look washed out in photo. :)

Hopefully this little trick could help you save some time to figure out what to wear, and could make you feel good when you are in that " I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR " stage. Probably it will worth your time to check out your wardrobe collection and have few "safe dress" to get ready on.

Have fun trying!

Now, my joy of life..looking cute and handsome with his lil suit, thanks for the gorgeous set, auntie Fella!

 photo signature-lips.png


  1. What you need for your stilettos are heel protectors? I forgot about mine until I read your blog and I can't find them! I'm not a very happy camper now!

    1. Where can i get the stiletto protector? I never heard about it..

    2. If I remember correctly, I got some plain looking ones from Number 1 Shoes. Not sure if they still sell them but I also got some nice looking ones online from Australia http://www.starlettos.com/

  2. Beneran enak dilihat!

    Makasi tipsnya ya


  3. Black dress always becoma lifeguard, huh? :-p

  4. lebih simple ya weddingnya disana.
    eh bener juga kata lu ya, yg klo kita makeup looks okay di mirror, di kamera kliatan 80% aja hahaa. gw sering gitu, berasanya uda dandan tp pas difoto, wah kok pucet amat kaya ga makeup an gitu wkwkwk..
    harus berguru makeup tutorial sama lu :D

    1. Kadang yang menor cakep bener yah di kamera? Hahaha.
      Tutorial kan uda ada tu..belon bikin yang baru lagi nih.

  5. Ellll, makin kece aja sih.
    Makasih tips nya.
    Memang cuma sesama wanita yang ngerti gimana rasanya buka lemari dan merasa 'have nothing to wear' *melirik sadis ke Oni

  6. Kita kan emang suka gitu ya fen, " doh, ga ada baju neh " lol!

  7. Halo mbak, salam kenal. Makasih sdh berkunjung ke blogku.
    Aku baca post yg ini sempet terhanyut dalam alur bahasa inggris, eh kemudian ternyata ada part indonesia nya juga. Hihihi.
    Mbak, poto2nya bagus banget, pake kamera apa? Pake fotografer atau tongsis?


    1. Salam kenel juga mbak :)
      Aku pake suami untuk jd photographer nya.. Hahaha.

      Aku kl nulis kan suka sesusak jidat gitu mbak, campur maur inggris indo :p

  8. suka banget roknya, bagus

  9. voto ethan yg lagi jalan di taman bagosss cii! bisa di jadiin voto2 untuk #qotd gt.. hahahaha.

  10. You were looking very pretty :)

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