August 10, 2015

The day when everything feels wrong!

If there are day like that, today is the day where i feel terribly sucks. I woke up feeling cold with 2 degrees in auckland morning and I try to made my Monday Morning Moment felt better with a cup of warm black coffee. 

It did boost up my mood a lil, but shortly after - the little one decided to test my patience to the level that i decided to completely ignore him. Like completely. I let him threw his stuff, i let him refused his lunch, I didn't play with him, I just idle-ing in my corner-typing on my iphone and i didn't feel guilty about it. 

I guess part of it because i feel tired. Since my moving to Auckland, we got a way bigger house than out apartment in Singapore. I tried so freaking hard to keep it in place because i am tired to be the one that family blame for a messy house. One family member did say " This beautiful house will be messy once A & E become the owner. " That was a wtf moment, that i sucked to my gut without having a chance to explain myself. 

On the other note, if you asked "Does life treat my nice in Auckland?" It indeed is. But today, not in the mood for being grateful - and I feel like ranting it all out. 

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