January 26, 2015

[Beauty Review] Make Up Store Collection!

Happy New year 2015!

I am opening this year my Make Up Store collection :)
This range has been one of my favourite line ever and it's going to continue to be.

I Love playing with make up (Like D'oh!!), especially with things that has to do with my eyes, so when I picked up this eyeshadow from the previous collection..I am beyond thrilled to try out the range. - I actually have a video tutorial on how to do this look, but for some alien reason, my disk was corrupted and I couldn't find my way to recover it (yet)! So for now, I'll be sharing with you the look I created with one of this lovely collection of eyeshadow.

I have a monolid and am a type that lazy to do multi color for daily look. I want it to be quick and yet sophisticated and elegant. So, if you like the look I created below...


Al you need to do is pick up a blending brush and swipe it in 1/2 circle kind of shape up to your crease. Continue by drawing a thick line of eyeliner, and finished it up with multiple coat of mascara or faux lashes like mine :)

When I play a lot on the eyes area, i tend to tone down the lips to the nude range and keep it alive with a little hint of gloss. 

Hope my simple daily look will help you to create a quick and easy make up to run your day.
Make up stuff doesn't have to be freaking expensive, if you pick up a good quality brand like Make Up Store Singapore..it will do your face awesome, and your bank account will thank you!

So, let's a wonderful year ahead and keep your smile!
Because you never know who will fall in love with it  YOU ARE A HAPPY PERSON!

Visit MAKE UP STORE boutique at
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