February 11, 2011

Blog award..YAY!

My very first blog award!

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Thanks to Nilcha for this lovely award :)
And now, i have to post 7 random things about me:

1. I am random! :p
Yea i know its weird, but i often think and sometimes say something in random.
Lets say we are talking about butterfly, and i suddenly have potato in mind..with that 2 things, i start my own random thought like potato in butterfly pattern or butterfly as round as potato..:)
I know its random!

2. I start my choreography the moment i listen to music..for wutever music i heard and everything is in my mind with my eyes open. Zombie looking sometimes. :)

3. I'm attracted to guy that dance or play music.

4. I wanna have my shoes empire one day!

5. I sleep in diagonal position.

6. I am obsessed with losing weight and failed! Is this really obsession?!

7. I hate hypocrite people to the max!

So yaaa, stated above are my 7 random things!!

And i would like to share this award with 4 lovely bloggers:

Don't forget to share 7 random things about yourself!!



  1. jadi kalo si arip... dia bisa dance atau main musik ric? hehehe
    *kepo mode on*

    thanks ya buat awardnya! :D

  2. huaaaaaaa asik asik dapet blog award :). Thank you dear!! Akan segera ku posting award nya....huehehe :)

  3. thanks ric, nti gua post ya ^^
    lu lucu amat tidur diagonal, nti kalo udah merit gimana tuh? :P

  4. @arman: arip bisa maen gitar ma piano man..( tapi piano nya ga sejago elu ). Hehhehehe..

  5. @ pucca: aaah ga tau vi, nanti gw bahas kalo gw uda merit..:)


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