July 19, 2007

--I'm not really believe in love-- anymore..

I dunno wut make me think this way..."i'm not really believe in love!" i found a new theory about it, " people will only share love when he or she feel enough to feel da love that given to them and will share it to sum1 that he or he think might return another kind of love to them" so in the end there's no such things called " unconditional love ". Conditions apply everywhere, i think the quote " terms and conditions apply" is very true!!! ahh, i super duper agree with that. I feel disappointed...and the worst thing is i can't express it to him, or even say "hei man, i am very disappointed with u"..uhhh i juz hate to feel the pain inside..and sumtimes i feel like giving up everything! ..but i juz can't.

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  1. hey gurl!!!
    gua juga kadang suka mikir gitu.anyway.. gua rasa itu something like..... perasaan aja.. you know how guys gak selalu express what they think. Arggh..gua pengen ngobrol neeehh ama eloooo >< >< >< >< >< ><.


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