February 10, 2014

My 1 month intensive skin journey with SK-II

Hello ladies! 

I just wanted to share an update about my skin after intensively using SK-II for a month :)

As you know I've been using SK-II for years, and you might raising your eyebrow and about to ask me, " What's new? "
Umm...apparently (I was surprised too), my skin could be better.

Take a look at my improved skin below:

I have received comments and emails about how you’ve started using SK-II after reading my posts, so thank you for trusting my review :). But one thing that I would like you all to know. If you’re planning on investing in SK-II skincare, do go down to the counter and get your skin tested with the magic ring, and let the beauty consultant recommend your skin care needs instead of blindly buying what I show in my blog :)

Why? Because our skin might be different.

But our goal is the same; to achieve…crystal clear skin!
I usually start my skincare regime with clean skin.

I then do a little circular massage all over my face with a clean hand

I then start applying SK-II facial treatment clear lotion on the cotton pad and swipe it, starting from the T-zone area to the U-zone area of my face.

For me, this SK-II facial treatment clear lotion helps remove the dirt from my skin and I previously didn't know that this step actually helps to prep the skin to absorb the SK-II facial treatment essence optimally.

My second step is applying the  SK-II facial treatment essence, the way I use this was shared in previous post: I soak the cotton pad wet and wipe it on my face.

...from my personal opinion, if you would only buy 1 product of SK-II…this SK-II facial treatment essence is the one. It's instantly moistens my skin, gives me that "boing boing" effect and instantly brightens my skin. I just simply "LOVE" this product.

And if you have pigmentation problem like I do, one little drop of SK-II cellumination essence every morning and night helps to lighten the problematic area. One thing to note in using cellumination essence is this essence tend to dries up the skin. Do remember to moisturise it. I am using the SK-II skin signature. This has been discontinued so consider using the SK-II stempower as a moisturiser.

For the eye area, SK-II advanced eye treatment film does the trick!

I usually apply this eye gel thrice a week…and it helps keep my eye area hydrated. The other additional treatment that works miraculously on my skin is the SK-II facial treatment mask :)

I can't afford to use this daily, but a cold sheet of SK-II mask is perfect for a weekend pampering session. Just store it into your fridge for about 5-10 minutes before you wear it.

The mask rejuvenates, makes my skin feel plumped up and and brightened-up.


Go get your SK-II trial kit now and you might have wonderful, crystal clear skin in time for Valentines day :)

A new skin for the month of love.

My favourite month.

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  1. Your skin looks flawless! I bought SK-II's Trial Kit a few months back. I'll try to use it religiously day & night for a month then :D


  2. wah kulitnya bening banget! :D

  3. Emang jadi bening dan kelihatan kenyal yah pake SKII..

  4. lupa udh komen blm ya... anyway, kulit lu bagus bgt el.. flawless! *pengen*


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