December 20, 2008

jakarta's trip!

Our Jakarta's trip was awesome!

and being a part in David and Syane's big day was totally great and unforgetable!!

Wish Dapit and Syane a very Happy wedding
~ Dapit and Syane Wedding ~

6 December 2008
L to R: simon, sophie, nikhil, phuong, syanee, dapit, prat, lew, c, me , arip

Besides the wedding itself, we definitely gonna have sumting that indulge ourselves ..let say..


but too bad, i dun hv a picture of the food here..and this one in saung greenville..was horrible..

it taste not as good as it used to be

But we are still happy to pose

Here are some pics of us during the Big day

Sophie try to eat fried tofu without using her hand..
and look wut happen..

Arief took this pic and turn out to be my favo pic out of the bunch!
thx yo..

the gals

c, me, prat, phuong, sophie
The guys minus lew

Back to the girls

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